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Science of Mind

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Introduction - Intellect - Mental Science's Divisions - Intellect's Divisions and Perceptions - The Understanding - The Reason - The Dynamics of the Intellect - Physical Feelings - Intellectual Feelings - Spiritual Feelings - Dynamics of Feelings - The Will - The Nervous System - Nervous System of Man - Executive Volition - Primary Volition, or Choice - Dynamics of the Will and the Mind - The Relations of the Systems Here Offered to Prevalent Forms of Philosophy - Index - Contents -

or of many known facts beyond consciousness, it predicates a relation of ideas within consciousness. This odor comes from that rose. The odor as a state of mind is directly known to the mind, but the source of the odor in the rose is an inference only. (3) The analysis of Hamilton, while designed as a defence against idealism, opens the way to it, or to materialism, as the objector may choose. The facts of matter and mind are thought to meet in one field; their identity therefore may easily be affirmed on either hand, the identity of material facts with mental ones, or of mental ones with material ones. Both it is said are known by a simple, indivisible process. (4) This analysis gets color by directing attention to one or two senses and neglecting the other senses. Take color and sound, and how manifest it is that our knowledge is made up of inner impressions, and the reference of these impressions to external causes.

Lesson 25 - 7. The action of each sense - p.101

(5) The stimuli run along the neural route from without inward. The interior portion of this circuit remaining complete, the loss of the exterior portion is of no moment, provided that the fitting stimuli can be imparted to the cerebrum. Apparent sensation remains in the hand after amputation. Hence the inevitable inference, that the molecular changes of the brain are the last and only necessary terms of cognition; that physical are translated into mental facts, not at the outer but at the inner termini.

7. Each sense deals with a distinct medium, or with distinct conditions of the same medium. The eye as an organ of perception is affected exclusively by light; the ether in its vibrations is the only agent of vision. The light involves three points gradations of intensity, color, and angular measurement. The first two are obvious, the third a little less so. It may seem to us that light gives directly through the eye a surface on which its colors are spread. These surfaces, however, in definite place and

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