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John Bascom - Creator of Science of Mind - progenitor of New Thought

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John Bascom's

Science of Mind

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Introduction - Intellect - Mental Science's Divisions - Intellect's Divisions and Perceptions - The Understanding - The Reason - The Dynamics of the Intellect - Physical Feelings - Intellectual Feelings - Spiritual Feelings - Dynamics of Feelings - The Will - The Nervous System - Nervous System of Man - Executive Volition - Primary Volition, or Choice - Dynamics of the Will and the Mind - The Relations of the Systems Here Offered to Prevalent Forms of Philosophy - Index - Contents -

indeed, would it be to lose the reins of power wherewith we guide the forces of nature, but far more unfortunate to miss the right handling of ourselves, and that serene strength which wins the rewards of life.

Lesson 5 - 5. Disparagement of metaphysics - p.8

5. But is philosophy possible? Is there not rather foundation for those many taunts and denials, asserting the endless, hopeless round of conflicting theories, the entire want of progress, the inevitable uncertainty attaching to every conclusion, and all conclusions, in metaphysics? If philosophy be not possible, if there is ground for the scorn and incredulity with which labor in this department is often regarded, so much the worse for us all. Nothing can take the place of philosophy. If we are doomed to ignorance here, our ignorance is hopeless and pitiable. We fail to understand the satisfaction with which some snuff out this light, when they have nothing wherewith to replace it nothing better to propose than the desertion of this whole region, and a surrender of it to confusion and chaos. The injunction, "Know thyself," the revered precept of all time hitherto, thus becomes impossible, and to modern thinkers, ridiculous. Outside of ourselves, we move with patient inquiry; we may feed our senses, and through them the mind; but we harvest home this knowledge, we know not for what ends. We gather facts, ignorant of their ulterior, spiritual uses, as the ox grazes, letting digestion and nutrition care for themselves. "We see no grounds for congratulation in such a result. If it must be accepted, it yet remains a painful and sad alternative, turning the key in a door which above all others we would fain open, hiding from us things which most reveal the invisible world. It is as if some one, moiling long and patiently and profitably in the bowels of the earth, knowing how to pick and blast and shovel, and sure of the productiveness of those processes, should, hearing of the miscarriages, accidents,

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