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Prentice Mulford at his desk creating this collection

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Prentice Mulford's

Your Thought Forces and How to Use Them

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ALTHOUGH Prentice Mulford was one of the earliest pioneers of the New Thought teaching, he is still comparatively little known or read in this country, chiefly on account of the high price of the six volumes known as "The White Cross Library," in which form his Essays are published in America, and it is hoped that this short selection of his Essays will be the means of bringing his teaching within the reach of those especially who are able to purchase only few or inexpensive books.

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The complete series contains seventy two Essays treating, from various points of view, man's spiritual and physical life, and it has not been altogether easy to choose from such a wealth of original and suggestive thought, those essays which will best appeal to the average reader. The selection has been made with the view chiefly of presenting such as seen likely to be specially practical and helpful. The text is printed as it was left by the author except for the alteration of some American expressions, and a few awkward sentences in which the meaning was obscure.

and died in 1891. After a life, not without some adventures, during which he was engaged in such varied pursuits as mining, school-teaching, and finally journalism, he retired from work with a scanty fortune. Five years afterwards he passed peacefully away without apparent illness or pain, having just started on a cruise alone in his canoe.

It was during these five years, that he concentrated his attention on the Spiritual Laws, and published his thoughts about them. To many these thoughts may seem dreams; to others they are priceless truths. To criticise his ideas and assertions is not our wish here, though it would not be difficult to point out discrepancies and inconsistences which, however, do not affect the value of his general teaching.

That he is a wise teacher and no dogmatist is apparent from his own words: "In the spiritual life every person is his or her own discoverer, and you need not grieve if your discoveries are not believed by others. It is not your business to push on, find more and increase individual happiness."




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