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There are several views of New Thought history.

The view that dominates New Thought fundamentalists is that New Thought was spawned from the teachings of Phineas Quimby. This view arose primarily due to the fact that Phineas Quimby was a figure in the Mental Cure movement whom Mary Baker Eddy consulted subsequent to her creation of Christian Science / Eddyism. Supported by Horatio Dresser whose parents also consulted Phineas Quimby, this view was an effective tool in the ongoing legal battles with Eddy who had a penchant for law suits in order to eliminate views similar to and therefore (in her mind) possibly in competition with her own.

Some feel that Eddyism should be excluded from the spectrum of New Thought due to the fact that Eddy (like Joseph Smith and Mohammed) promoted the idea that she was a "final prophet." Those who propose that Eddyism be included in the spectrum of New Thought place Eddy's teaching at the extreme of New Thought fundamentalism which includes forms of Magical Thinking.

At times, classic New Thought authors used various terms interchangeably to reach the widest possible audience. This can be confusing to some contemporary readers. We are working with other teams to being clarity to these issues. Well read users observe a spectrum of New Thought. For the purposes of being inclusive let us include Eddyism within New Thought, thus the New Thought spectrum ranges


Mental Science (nontheistic, in some cases atheistic) includes current medical understanding and scientific thought.


Eddyism (theistic) which excludes current medical understanding and scientific thinking
promulgating the view that everything is an illusion and that all the adherent need to is get right with God.
Once in alignment with God, the adherent can live in a reformed reality.

Ranging between these, we find a vast range of different teachings.

Most early New Thought teachings find their inspiration within Abrahamic Thought or Vedic Thought.

Abrahamic Thought is rooted within teachings that refer to Abraham. Abrahamic teachings range from Middle Eastern tribal teachings to teachings from around the Mediterranean and the Americas. Forms of Abrahamism include: Judaism, Christianism, Mohammedanism (Islam / Submission) and Mormonism. Each Abrahamic form is differentiated by its books. New Thought adherents use any of the Abrahamic books. Some New Thought adherents place emphasis on certain texts showing this preference through referring to certain texts in their lectures (celebration services), writings and teachings.

Vedic Thought is rooted within the Vedas, including the Upanishads and Mahabharata. Vedic thought manifests itself in various forms of Hinduism, or Sanātana Dharma which means eternal and universal law or principle that governs everyone irrespective of culture, race, religion, belief and practices.

As New Thought progresses in understanding, novel New Thought forms arise that are rooted within other thought forms such as Buddhist New Thought and Taoist New Thought. This supports the Message of New Thought which was described by Abel Allen in 1914.

Alternate views ascribe the emergence of New Thought to Free Masonry, Deisim, Transcendalism and spiritualism. One point of view is that New Thought originated with Anne Hutchinson.

Regardless of which view is correct, paradigms that differentiate New Thought from old Thought include: CoCreation and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Cocreation is a root paradigm within New Thought teaching that humans work with God in a process of co-creation. This is a dramatic departure from the BDSM principles within religions that promulgate the idea that relationships are or should be based upon Dominance Hierarchy.

New Thought teaches CoCreation / Networking / Cooperation / Human Rights


old thought which teaches Submission / Hierarchy / Authoritarianism / Tyranny

The paradigm of the Law of Cause and Effect is quite different from concepts of predestination or destiny.

Part of the mission of New Thought library is to archive all public domain New Thought, metaphysical works, works of science and philosophy, insuring the preservation of these works in multiple medias that can be accessed universally by all peoples as a multilingual public resource contributing to the spiritual well being and enlightenment of all humanity.

We work with other digital archives / libraries to mirror collections in different formats to maximize our collective efforts to insure access to the world's collective cultural heritage.

The library is primarily maintained and expanded by our Master Librarian, and other wonderful volunteers. Sometimes called the Volunteer in Chief, Avalon designed the library and created innovative techniques to process public domain books into a variety of useful formats, concluding with audio rendering to insure access by the visually impaired.

There are a number of wonderful online archives throughout the web. This archive has a theme and a focus to support your spiritual growth and joyful living.

Volunteers are vetted to determine that they are responsible and reliable; qualified applicants are given valuable training in the latest electronic library sciences as well as mentorship in other areas. We do grant certificates and degrees. These qualifications are theological, spiritual degrees that require the seeker to both work in the library and create original contributions to our world's knowledge with particular emphasis on the "Universal Matrix of Understanding" as well as demonstrate mastery of New Thought Spiritual practices including understanding compassionate action.

Volunteers are generally people within the New Thought movement.

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Once processed texts are either sold to buy more texts, or sent to institutions which register with us.

This guarantees their preservation and universal access by distributing duplicate copies around the world. The goal of this project is to make all Public Domain New Thought Texts universally available for all time. "We are working to insure that Public Domain New Thought Texts are as common and accessible as the King James Bible."

We are also working on similar sites in other languages. When this was simply a links site, some of you wrote to us in the past when links stopped working. Sometimes a particular person or group serves a text and then for some reason stops doing so.

We create and maintain back up copies of all Public Domain New Thought books to insure their preservation for your continued access to these texts. If a responsible server goes down or ceases to serve a Public Domain book or makes it inaccessible or creates barriers to access, if your have submitted those texts to this archive, we will serve it.

Teachers and institutions wishing to participate may submit class & course outlines working with us to insure that they fit within our overall Universal program so they can easily transfer.


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Our advisors include the creator of the largest U.S. Theater Collection archived outside of the United States.

We believe strongly that archives of physical texts must be created in several geographically distinct areas with special regard to climate control in order to insure their long term survival in the event of climactic, geographic, social or political upheaval. Recent events in the U.S. demonstrate increasing social tension and a rising possibility of political crisis. Without a living wage, regular Americans are not able to maintain a standard of living. As Barbara Ehrenreich's research for her book Nickel and Dimed clearly demonstrated, an increasing number of Americans live in "pods" in order to make ends meet. Many U.S. elites seem to have lost any sense of noblesse oblige. Police are being increasingly armed with military weaponry and there is a rising tide of violence against regular citizens. Law Enforcement violence against citizens has been most notable in its targeting of men of color across the nation, yet police have not withheld violence from whites. Sadly, those tasked with enforcement of the law appear to enjoy immunity from the very laws they are supposed to enforce. Since 1982, there is an increasing economic chasm between the wealthy ownership class and regular working men and women. The ability for average Americans to get an education has been greatly limited with the absurd rise in tuition costs even at the Land Grant Universities established by the Morrill Act of 1862. "A land grant university is a people’s university. While early universities were developed in Medieval Europe to educate a courtly society in the arts, land grant universities were created in 19th century America to help a populist society build and feed a new nation. To do this, Americans needed a liberal and practical education for everyone, not just the wealthy or the socially elite. 'The fundamental idea was to offer an opportunity in every State for a liberal and larger education to larger numbers, not merely to those destined to sedentary professions, but to those much needing higher instruction for the world’s business, for the industrial pursuits and professions of life.'" -- James R. Fischer, PhD

All of these factors support the argument that the most dramatic political crises and consequent breakdowns come when least expected but in hindsight one could have seen the signs on the side of the road leading to the crisis. Let us hope that leaders throughout the nation awaken to higher values and meet the deeper needs of the American people.

New Thought has always been a powerful tool within business. Perhaps because one cannot move ahead in any endeavor unless one is positive and believes one can succeed. Another crucial principle for ultimate and lasting success is the principles of interdependent co-arising. The earth's present situation demonstrates the dramatic importance of science and ethical behavior. One can trace the dramatic decline of ethics in business to the 1980's when the American values of democracy were trumped by siren call of profit margins. Actual pensions were replaced by 401k's and the two way loyalty between labor and management was replaced by "every man for himself."

This strange detour away from American values of democracy and social responsibility did not come out of the blue. If we reach back into history to 1939, the entire world joined together to fight Fascism (Rule by corporations with support by government). The "Greatest Generation" of the United States had emerged from the Depression with a new understanding of the importance of balance between Labor and Management, then fought for the rights of all humanity to live in peace and produce prosperity by applying these principles. In 1948, the entire world came together to create and affirm the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and people around the globe were inspired by the United States which was often looked to as the finest example of what people living in freedom could produce.

After defeating Imperial Japan, Mussolini and Hitler, cracks within the system due to unresolved issues such as Jim Crow were mainly ignored during the decade after the Second World War. Europe healed and the United States relaxed into a complacent happiness. With little or no international competition, the USA enjoyed a temporary economic boom accompanied by unprecedented waste. The Cold War ensued and soon the entire nation was building bomb-shelters in preparation for World War 3.

The House Un-American Activities Committee, originally created in 1938 to uncover citizens with Nazi ties, turned into a tool of politicians on the extreme right to investigate the meaning of theater plays. The stupidity of this ridiculous and dangerous precedent was epitomized by Joe Starnes, a right wing Representative from Alabama, who displayed an ignorance so profound that it made him famous. Starnes asked Hallie Flanagan whether the Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe was a member of the Communist Party, then went on to accuse "Mr. Euripides" of preaching class warfare. This insanity continued into the 1950's, then finally declined, being recognized as the "most un-American thing in the country" by former President Truman. Victims of this unique form of terrorism had no chance to clear their names, no chance to get another job and often lost all friends due to their fears of being victimized themselves.

In 1960 Ernest Holmes died peacefully, his twilight years filled with joy and a perfect partnership with William Hornaday. The 1960's brought new industrial competitors to the world stage, while the New Thought writings of Dale Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale lifted the spirits of hard working, isolated salesment throughout the United States and Religious Science expanded steadily with people coming to the United States from as far away as South Africa to become practioners and then ministers of Religious Science. Pittsburgh was booming, the Steel belt was shiny and well oiled. Detroit was the place to be with Motown cranking out the hits that boomed from car radios around the nation. Innovaton no longer seemed as necessary as marketing. After all America had won World War 2. By the end of the decade, American had landed on the moon.

The 1970's opened with Motown moving to LA (Los Angeles) marking the end of the Motown Era. Two years in, Nixon was re-elected. Two years more and he resigned. A year after that, the Vietnam "war" came to an end shattering the myth of American invincibility. But this defeat was drowned with the deafening tones of disco music, buried under episodes of Barney Miller, with the additional distraction of unprotected sex, low grade weed, uppers,downers and all around debauchery. Some were lucky enough to be rescued from swimming pools before they drowned, then suddenly the 70's were over and "Greed was Good."

The 1980's provided a perfect cast of international characters to presage and predict the peurile patterns of the politics of corruption that would characterize the decade. Brezhnev died in 1982, practically on cue. A year of Andropov, a year of Chernenko, then the final leader of the Soviet came upon the stage. AIDS and how the crisis was handled was the perfect metaphor for the corruption of the 1980's. Beginning with Debategate which provided a fearful candiate named Ronald Reagan with an election briefing book stolen from United States President Jimmy Carter, the ensuing decade was punctuated by a plethora of scandals: HUD, Wedtech, Keating, Inslaw, Sewergate and more were crowned with the Iran Contra scandal which was the first time the Americans were able to reach deep enough into democratic tradition to violate the principles of the Magna Carta. The United States was afflicted with a disease from the top down. It was the American people who paid the price. The statistics from 1982 on betray a slow and painful decline of the fortunes of the majority of Americans. This time the pain was mitigated by cocaine which had become the drug of choice for those living the "high life." It was a drug that could induce dramatic highs that made the user feel invincible. Ultimately generating a sociopathic psychosis, the drug was a perfect match for those who took delight in destructive behavior. After the high, there was of course a deep downside. Under the guise of "Voodoo Economics" deemed "Trickle Down Theory," the Fascist economic theories championed by Milton Friedman were put into effect both inside and outside of the United States. The largest wealth transfer in American history had begun. Average Americans saw the buying power of their paychecks decline while corporate profits rose. The term "Gold Parachute" was coined.

The 1980's and 1990's were the Golden Age of late 20th Century New Thought which had firmly hitched its wagon to the Prosperity Gospel. If you were a victim of downsizing it was your fault. The banner bearers of this New Thought form that heavily emphasized prosperity without responsibility marveled at how their philosophy had permeated the nation to the point that it seemed that even fundamentalist TV Evangelists were pitching their principles using the same quotes from the bible they used at celebration services. In the early 1990's a New Thought minister in Albuquerque proudly proclaimed that the children in Sao Paolo were poor and hungry because they had "poverty consciousness." It had now devolved to the point that children were responsible for their own starvation and Roosevelt was being maligned by some as a "communist." This type of slander was simply shrugged off, even though Stalin would have deeply disagreed with these new Prophets of Prosperity.

The 1990's furnished the world with a novel cast of characters, along with solid confirmation that the duopoly characterizing American politics were both firmly in the right wing of politics. The "New Democrats" firmly planted their feet on the right side of the political spectrum and while the economy had the largest peacetime expansion in history, this appeared to be of little value to average Americans. Perhaps the transfer of wealth was slower, Ross Perot summed up the situation perfectly when he said: "We've shipped millions of jobs overseas, and we have a strange situation because we have a process in Washington where after you've served for a while you cash in and become a foriegn lobbyist, make 30,000 a month, then work on presidential campaigns, make sure you develop good contacts and then go back out. Now if you just want to get down to brass tacks, the first thing you ought to do is tell all these folks who have got these one way trade agreements negotiated over the years and say fellows we'll take the same deal we gave you and they'll grid lock at that point because for example we've got international competitors who simply could not unload their cars off the ships if they had to comply. You see, if it was a two way street they just couldn't do it. We have got to stop sending jobs overseas. To those of you in the audience who are business people, it's pretty simple, you are paying 12, 13, 14 dollars an hour to factory workers, and you can move your factory south of the border, pay a dollar an hour for labor, hire young workers, assume you have been in business for a long time and you have a mature work force. Pay a dollar an hour for your labor, have no health care, that's the single most expensive element in making a car. Have no environmental controls, no pollution controls, and no retirement, and you don't care about anything but making money, there will be a giant sucking sound going south. So if the people send me to Washington, the first thing I will do is study that 2000 page agreement and make sure it is a two way street. Anyway, I decided i was dumb and didn't understand it, so I called the who's who of folks that have been around it and said why won't everybody everybody go south? They said we'll be disrupted for 12 to 15 years, so I asked: "how does it stop being disruptive? And that is when their jobs come up from a dollar an hour to six dollars an hour and ours go down to six dollars and hour, then it's level again. In the meantime, you've wrecked the country with these kind of deals. We gotta cut it out."

History verified the truth of Perot's prophecy with the caveat that once Mexican salaries had risen, those jobs were shipped to Asia. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, then American wages stagnated, Pittsburgh, Detroit and an entire swath of the country turned into the Rust belt. At the onset of the 1990's, the Business Roundtable (an organization representing America's big corporations) stated: "corporations are chartered to serve their shareholders and society as a whole." By the end of the 1990's the Business Roundtable had changed the message to: "the notion that the board [of any company] must somehow balance the interests of other stakeholders fundamentally misconstrues the role of the directors."

The 1990's came to an end and the New Millennium began: The U.S. Supreme Court took the election out of the hands of the people pronouncing President Bush the first president of the 21st Century. President Bush's first year was marked by the biggest terrorist attack ever inflicted on American soil making him responsible for the biggest failure in National Defense in American History. His closing year was likewise marked with the biggest financial failure in American history since the great depression. The first years of the New Millenium were characterized by what is best called "puffery." Greenspan puffed up the economy and Bush bragged that the mission was completed with the war barely begun. But the end of the decade, America had a new president who inherited a destroyed economy, an unnecessary war, and an international reputation that might never be repaired. Bush's abrogation of the carefully negotiated SALT and START treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union meant the Russians who inherited those agreements were not longer bound by their terms.

Poking and baiting the Russian Bear resulted in their leadership feeling the need to assert themselves.

In 2014, the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances protecting Ukraine was abandoned by the major parties to the agreement: the Russian Federation, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom. According to the memorandum, Russia, the U.S., and the UK confirmed, in recognition of Ukraine becoming party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and in effect abandoning its nuclear arsenal to Russia, that they would: 1. Respect Ukrainian independence and sovereignty and the existing borders. Some Ukrainian politicians have already said that giving up the 3rd largest stockpile of nuclear weapons was a mistake because the treaty was no upheld by any of the guarantors.

New Thought in 2012

New Thought in 2012 had not significantly grown in percentages from where the movement had been in 1912. Surveys through the FindACenter directory system and New Thought Library revealed that New Thought adherents were increasingly disenchanted by their leaders flogging their Prosperity Gospels. Religious Science centers had always found retension of membership challenging. Now "due to a failure to thrive" the two largest Religious Science organizations amalgamated into one new organization calling themselves "Center for Spiritual Living" but this solution did not resolve their problems. Sathya Sai Baba (who had been the object of worship for some in the past) was barely in the grave when innovative Religious Science ministers began touting a new guru as the solution. American leaders (including a yank who had found a new roost in Edmonton, Canada) felt they had found the answer in Theosophy and John of God. Ushering in a new era in Religious Science, they called themselves "spiritual entrepeneurs" as they purchased fancy John of God Crystal beds and imported them from Brazil. Sathya Sai Baba had declared himself the reincarnation of Sai Baba in 1940, but what excited Religious Science leadership was his ability to manifest ashes. Brazilian Healer John of God. was different from the Indian Guru of the Ashes. John of God states: ""I do not cure anybody. God heals, and in his infinite goodness permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument in God's divine hands". This was music to the ears of these innovative Spiritual Entrepeneurs who began staking their bets on the belief that the crystal beds could do the job of healing from a distance (at a reasonable price). John of God's teachings might differ from the teachings of Ernest Holmes, but perhaps that was not important. Combining the Crystal Beds with CD's and DVD's of Wayne Dyer held promise of a financial resurrection for those ministers who had a need to manifest "Prosperity Consciousness."

In contrast to this new crop of crystal healers, New Thought appears to be blossoming in new forms that hold more appeal to the generation Z portion of the Millennials. A New Thought with heart and soul which includes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This New Thought of the New Millennium combines the full spectrum of New Thought from its inception through today, empowering practitioners through the Universal Matrix of Understanding to live through the SOUL, or Science Of Unified Life. Reaffirming the New Thought embrace of Science, this New Thought form is promising. We are watching and reporting.

This New Thought does not tout the couch, or pad on the floor as the place to get things done, but appears to takes its cue from Rev. Terry McBride who once said: "Whereas the Eastern Guru is content to sit on the hill as the world goes round, the Western Guru rises from his meditation, descends into the valley and works with the people to bring healing and insights to society."

One can observe a steady balkanization in the United States which has led to a bickering abandonment of what is good for the children. Some people appear to begrudge their neighbor's good preferring lower wages for others rather than fighting for higher wages for all. There seems to be loss of perspective and a perspective of loss that is replacing the higher vision of a nation with opportunity for all. Instead of solving problems with solutions that are technologically available there is a tendency to look for a scapegoat. The desire to stop "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" has been replaced with a desire to cover up the truth and prosecute those who report the problems. These are symptoms of a deep wound that is festering. A country cannot grow wealthy by failing to continue the upgrade of infrastructure and the development of new resources. The most important resource is the populace. Thomas Picketty has developed new insights that cannot be denied. They reinforce an ancient wisdom much discussed by the founding fathers of the United States.

"I feel... an ardent desire to see knowledge so disseminated through the mass of mankind that it may, at length, reach even the extremes of society: beggars and kings." --Thomas Jefferson: Reply to American Philosophical Society, 1808.

"The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate." - Thomas Jefferson

"I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power." --Thomas Jefferson to W. Jarvis, 1820.

"The information of the people at large can alone make them the safe as they are the sole depositary of our political and religious freedom." --Thomas Jefferson to William Duane, 1810.

These reasons stated by Thomas Jefferson are why Boko Haram has the name it does. Jefferson owned a Koran and read extensively in all subject including all religions he could research. The Mahasattvas do not limit themselves. They are not content to be ignorant. Those of great wisdom are life long learners. They are not content to dwell within constraints of any kind with regard to the acquisition of wisdom. Jefferson did not view any religion as better than any other. He held a strict view of how the freedom of humanity is a fragile thing that necessitates a solid and impermeable separation of church and state.

Our main purpose is not the physical collection of books or materials. We are creating a multimedia archive of content which insures the preservation and transmission of the ideas or memes which support the liberation of the mind, body and soul. We continue to support the creation and maintenance of physical collections especially when these collections are archived in the system and are a public resource.

We are constantly improving access to New Thought books and teachings world wide. We do our work on a tithing and donation basis believing that together we are building a more compassionate world right now!

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"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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