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William Walker Atkinson was once the editor of New Thought magazine

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

William Walker Atkinson's

Thought - Vibration or The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

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Preface - Foreword - My Working Creed - Law of Attraction in the Thought World - Thought Waves and Their Process of Reproduction - A Talk About The Mind - Mind Building - Secret of the Will - How to Become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction - Transmutation of Negative Thought - Law of Mental Control - Asserting the Life-Force - Training the Habit-Mind - Psychology of Emotion - Developing New Brain Cells - Attractive Power - Desire Force - Great Dynamic Forces - Claiming Your Own - Law, Not Chance - Contents


Preface - by Franklin Berry - In which we learn something of the author and how the book was born. - 000e

Foreword - In which the author has a word to say about "teachers" and "disciples," himself included. - 000o

  1. My Working Creed - The "I believe" of the author. - 000x
  2. Chapter I - The Law of Attraction in the Thought World - p. 1 - One great Law --- Thought a manifestation of Energy -- Thought Vibration --- Vibrations of light and heat differ solely in rate of vibration --- Human brain only instrument capable of registering thought-waves --- Experiments in telepathy prove the law of thought attraction --- Like attracts like in the Thought-world --- The wireless telegraphy of the mind --- A field of energy with established laws.
  3. Chapter II - Thought Waves and Their Process of Reproduction - p. 10 - How thought waves traverse the sea of Mind - The power possessed of reproducing themselves --- Vibrations which affect us --- Those which do not --- Why? --- We are what we have thought ourselves into being --- The agency of others' thoughts in shaping our destiny --- The working of the Law of Attraction illustrated by the Marconi wireless instruments --- The Mind has many degrees of pitch --- Positive thought --- Negative thought --- We are positive to some, negative to others --- A knowledge of Mental Law and changes from negative to positive ---

    More people on negative plane than on positive plane --- Consequently more negative thought vibration --- How to counterbalance them --- Affirmations and auto suggestions, and their uses --- Establishing new mental attitude --- Development of the Will --- A hypertension not at all times desirable --- Advantage of changing from positive to receptive, at will.
  4. Chapter III - A Talk About The Mind - p. 21 - Man has but one Mind --- Functions along two lines of mental effort --- Passive effort often result of vibratory impulses imparted in ages long past --- Active effort newborn --- Thought impulse and motion impulse result of Active effort --- Active function creates, Passive function obeys orders and suggestions --- Active function sends forth vibrations --- The fourth of Habit --- Appetency --- The impulse of the Primal Cause --- "Life-force" --- Mental Culture and Mental Development, two different things --- The amenability of the Mind to the Will --- The Will the outward manifestation of the I AM --- The attraction of The ABSOLUTE --- The real Man the master --- Active and Passive functions but tools.
  5. Chapter IV - Mind Building - p. 30 - The Power of Man --- Unconscious mind building --- The "I," the sovereign of the Mind --- The Universal Will --- The mastery of the Lower Self --- The mental misgoverned by irresponsible faculties --- The reestablishment of order in the mental kingdom --- The first battle --- The conquest of the Lesser Self by the Real Self --- Affirmation and exercise.
  6. Chapter V - The Secret of the Will - p. 36 - The Will Power and this capability of being developed, disciplined, controlled and directed --- Every man the possessor, potentially, of a strong will --- The great powerhouse of the Universal Will Power --- Will does not need training, but Mind does --- Mind, the instrument ---- Mentally lazy people --- Strong will follows strong desire --- The price of
    attainment --- The real test --- The secret of the development of the Will --- Auto-suggestion and exercise.
  7. Chapter VI - How to Become Immune to Injurious Thought Attraction - p. 43 - The first thing to do --- Fear thought --- Strong expectancy a powerful magnet --- The man who fears --- How to overcome the habit of Fear --- A waste of time to fight negative thought by denying it --- The right mental attitude --- Setting new vibrations in motion --- The conquest of Fear the first important step --- The positive will prevail.
  8. Chapter VII - The Transmutation of Negative Thought - p. 50 - Worry the child of Fear --- The motive underlying action --- The causes that result in Success --- How Desire acts --- Worry negative and death producing --- Desire and Ambition positive and life producing --- The transmutation of Worry --- Getting into harmony with the right thought waves --- Setting in motion the Law of Attraction --- Fear paralyzes Desire --- Once rid of it, difficulty melts away --- The working of a mighty Law --- The things we worry about --- Thngs just themselves --- The storing up of energy --- Where are the feared things? --- Better ways of overcoming objectionable thought than by fighting them.
  9. Chapter VIII - The Law of Mental Control - p. 59 - Thoughts either faithful servants or tyrannical masters --- Some of our best mental work performed for us when our conscious mentality is at rest --- The key to the mystery --- The man who understands how to run his mental engine --- " Slowing down" the Mind.
  10. Chapter IX - Asserting the Life-Force - p. 62 - A general awakening needed --- Let Life flow through us, manifesting in thought, word, deed --- The expression
    of conscious life --- Affirmation and Exercise.
  11. Chapter X - Training the Habit-Mind - p. 66 - The subconscious mind --- Importance of transmitting proper impulses --- Automatic habits --- "Which of these two things shall I do?" --- Forming a new habit --- Breaking an old one --- The "just once" idea --- The Mind a piece of paper --- Mental creases.
  12. Chapter XI - The Psychology of Emotion - p. 70 - Emotions dependent largely upon habit --- May be repressed, increased, developed, changed --- When the master and undesirable emotion --- Jealousy --- Its growth --- Rage --- The habit of feeling and acting "mean" --- Worry --- Continued thought manifests an action --- "Fault-finding --- The chronic "nagger" --- Negative emotions and their recurrence --- How to choke out of these habit.
  13. Chapter XII - Developing New Brain Cells - p. 76 - Undesirable dates of feeling --- We are not the creatures of our motions --- the majority of the race so governed to a great degree --- Man the real muster of his emotions --- The development of new brain cells --- The disuse of old brain cells with undesirable manifestations --- The brain, the organ and instrument of the Mind --- Our tendencies, temperament and predispositions --- The millions of unused brain cells --- Mental attitudes acquired or discarded at will --- The mind clears the way for thoughts good for the individual, interposes resistance to those which are harmful --- One positive thought will counteract a number of negative thoughts --- "Holding the thought" How to cultivate a certain habit of action --- Ridding oneself of a mental trait.
  14. Chapter XIII - The Attractive Power - Desire Force - p. 84 - Mental Leaks --- The man or woman in search of success --- When Mental Force operates best --- The Mind
    works on the subconscious plane along the line of the ruling passion or desire --- Scattering thought forces --- Getting out of the current of attraction --- My personal experience --- "Love" at the bottom of the whole of life --- The so-called "chemical affinities" --- Desire a manifestation of this Universal Life Love.
  15. Chapter XIV - The Great Dynamic Forces - p. 90 - The difference between the successful strongmen and the unsuccessful week man --- Energy and Invincible Determination --- Energy not rare --- Wasted nerve-force --- The Human Will --- A great dynamic force --- The people who have "arrived" --- Are they "ordinary," after all? --- Made of the stuff of those about them --- Wherein does their greatness lie? --- Belief in themselves --- The right use of material --- The "trick" of greatness --- The good things locked up in your mind --- The inexhaustible supply.
  16. Chapter XV - Claiming Your Own - p. 98 - Nothing too good for you --- Your direct inheritance --- Great things lost for want of asking --- The Law take you in earnest --- You are a manifestation of the Whole Thing --- You must first awaken to a realized nation that you are merely asking for "your own" --- The Law will do its work --- The hypnotism of "humility" --- The great things in the Cosmos which await your coming of age --- The playthings of life --- Our game tasks --- the difference between the Master of Circumstances and the Slave of Circumstances.
  17. Chapter XVI - Law, Not Chance - p. 107 - The Attractive Power of Thought --- "A matter of luck" --- A magnificent illustration of the Law of Attraction --- A strong belief as efficacious as a strong wish --- The man who "gets there" --- The man who fails --- No such thing as Chance --- Law everywhere ---- Plan and purpose; cause and effect ---- The right vibration --- Getting into the current.

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  19. ADS - p. 113

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