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William Walker Atkinson's

Nuggets of New Thought

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Preface - Keynote - Secret of the I AM - Let a Little Sunshine In - Hunger of the Soul - Look Aloft - To-Morrow - In the Depths of the Soul - Forget It - Kindergarten of God - Human Wet Blanket - Aim Straight - At Home - Solitude of the Soul - Jerry and the Bear - Unseen Hand - How Success Comes - Man With the Southern Exposure - A Foreword - Partnership - Seekers - Mental Pictures - Don't Retail Your Woes - Life - Let Us Have Faith - Do It Now - Get In Tune - Mental Toxin and Anti-toxin - Contents -


  2. THE KEYNOTE. - "I Can and I Will " --- The recognition --- Equal to any task --- A feeling of calm confidence --- An abiding sense of power, reserve force and security --- The Something within --- The triple key to the door of attainment --- The vibrations of Success - p. 9
  3. THE SECRET OF THE I AM. - The Ego --- The physical plane --- the mental plane --- the new plane of consciousness --- The Real Self --- The "I" --- The Temple of the giving Spirit --- Development of the "I Am" consciousness. --- The Higher Reason - p. 12
  4. "LET A LITTLE SUNSHINE IN." - The young people's song --- Good "New Thought" doctrine --- Plenty of sunshine in life, if you look for it --- Don't make a dark dungeon of your mind --- Throw open the windows of your soul --- How to let a little sunshine in - p. 17
  5. THE HUNGER OF THE SOUL. - The soul, as well as the body and mind, requires nourishment --- The want, a promise of the fulfillment --- The law of unfoldment --- Nourishment provided when it is needed --Provided for in the Divine Plan --- The feast of good things. - p. 19
  6. LOOK ALOFT. - The old sailor's advice --- The warning cry --- Peace and content --- Mental balance recovered --- The glory of the Universe --All governed by Law --- The Law manifests everywhere --A reverent feeling of calm, peaceful faith --- Look aloft - p. 24
  7. TO-MORROW. - The work and cares of to-day easy if we do not worry about those of To-morrow --- The mysterious To-morrow and its terrors --- The way to meet the cares of To-morrow --- Tomorrow's opportunities will come as surely as To-morrow's cares --- Law supreme --- No need to be afraid --- The real To-morrow - p. 26

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  9. IN THE DEPTHS OF THE SOUL. - Stores of information; rich mines of knowledge; uncut gems and precious metal awaiting the discoverer --- Psychic and spiritual faculties --- Strange attraction of soul to soul --- The Rock of Ages --- The Voice of the Soul - p. 29
  10. FORGET IT. - Why worry about the past --- Hugging old sorrows to your Bosom --- What to do with them --- Don't Poison your life --Pain brings experience --- Learning your lesson --- How to get rid of a gloomy thought --- Throw it away --- Forget it - p. 34
  11. THE KINDERGARTEN OF GOD. - Life a great school --- Man a child learning his lesson --Preparing for higher grades --- The game-task --- What it all means --- Things as they are --- The rules wise and good --Each task means something --- Greeting the Kindergartner. . - p. 36
  12. THE HUMAN WET BLANKET. - Sees no good in anything --- Expects the bad and gets it --Attracts it to him --- Depresses everything and everyone --Carries an aura of negative depressing thought --- Clammy --- Puts out the fire Of energy --- Take Warning - p. 39
  13. AIM STRAIGHT. - Fear attracts as well as Desire --- Learn to aim straight and aim at the right thing --- Examples --- The bowler --- The bicyclist and the car --- The bicyclist and the post --- The boy and the marbles --- Wisdom from the babe --- Look straight; Think straight; Shoot Straight - p. 41
  14. AT HOME. - Don't be afraid --- You are at home --- Not here by chance --- You belong here --- YOU are the soul --- YOU cannot be hurt --YOU cannot be banished --- YOU are right in the universe, and there is no outside --- Great things are before you --- Make yourself at home - p. 46
  15. THE SOLITUDE OF THE SOUL. - Lorado Taft's group --- Description --- Each stands alone --- Each is in touch with every other --- Soul communion in silence --Silence is the sanctuary of the soul --- The oneness of life and its apparent separateness --- The message - p. 48

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  17. JERRY AND THE BEAR. - The Law's plan of developing an individual --- Folly of clinging to old worn out sheaths --- The story of Jerry and the Bear --- Who Jerry was --- He meets the Bear --- The fight --- The result --- The consequences --- The change in Jerry --- The moral - p. 51
  18. THE UNSEEN HAND. - The consciousness of the hand --- When it first was felt --- Always there --- : Now as the hand of a father --- Now as that of a mother --- A lover --- A brother --- Always guiding --- Always leading --- A mystery --- Some day we will know the owner of the hand - p. 55
  19. HOW SUCCESS COMES. - Seeking success through mental powers --- Holding the thought alone not sufficient --- How to get the real benefit of thought force --- Fall in with the workings of the Law --- Stand on your own feet --- One step at a time --- "I Do" as well as* 'I Am" - p. 58
  20. THE MAN WITH THE SOUTHERN EXPOSURE. - Southern exposure as good a thing in a man as in a room --The man who faces the sun --- Lives one day at a time and does the best he knows how, and is kind --- Finds Joy and carries it to others --- Simple, loving, kind --- Open yourself to the sun - p. 60
  21. A FOREWORD. - An individualist --- Wearing no ticket or label --- No one has a corner on Truth --- Enough to go around --- The Infinite Power back of all things --- The Real Self is Spirit --- The Law of Attraction --- Fearthought --- The Brotherhood of Man - p. 63
  22. PARTNERSHIP - Next to marriage, partnership is the most important association --- Mental partnerships --- Be careful whom you choose as your mental partners --- Get into partnership with the best thoughts --- Dissolve partnership with the other kind --- "I Can, I Will; I Do, I Dare." - p. 65

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  24. THE SEEKERS. - The secret of life --- the riddle of existence --- Sought now as ever --- The whyness of things --- Attempts to answer the riddle --- The Seekers --- Fantastic creeds and queer philosophies --- Revamping old ideas --- The story of the man and the stars --- The answer to be found within the soul - p. 69
  25. MENTAL PICTURES. - "I hang bright pictures in my mind" --- Bright pictures encourage one; gloomy ones depress --- Get rid of your old, gloomy mental pictures --- Make a bonfire of them --- Get rid of the particularly miserable one, first of all --- Then put bright ones in their places - p. 73
  26. DON'T RETAIL YOUR WOES. - A miserable habit --- It grows as it is fed --- A nuisance to friends and neighbors --- It brings to you more of the same kind --You will get what you look for --- Rooking for trouble brings it --- Don't imagine that you are being "put upon" --- Don't retail your woes - p. 75
  27. LIFE. - There is in each of us a potential Something seeking for expression --- The Something Within --- The plant of life --No use trying to repress it, for develop it must --- Life has a meaning --- Growth, development and unfoldment --- The lesson of life - p. 79
  28. LET US HAVE FAITH. - Faith necessary in every human undertaking --- You have faith in man, but are afraid to trust GOD --- The Universe if governed by Law --- The Law is in operation everywhere --- Don't be afraid --- You are a part of the plan --- Fall in with the Law --- Have faith, have faith - p. 83
  29. DO IT NOW. - Do to-day's tasks now --- Don't try to do to-morrow's work to-day, but be sure and do the day's work Now --- The baneful effects of procrastination --- Not fair to yourself --Demoralization attendant upon putting off things --- The world looking for people who can do things Now - p. 87

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  31. GET IN TUNE - Marconi's wireless messages --- Vibrations reach only the instruments attuned to the sender --- The same law in operation on the mental plane --- The correct pitch is the thing --- Get in tune with the proper vibrations --- Get the messages from the best senders - p. 89
  32. MENTAL TOXIN AND ANTI-TOXIN. - A new toxin --- The microbes in the thoughts we think --- The new anti-toxin --- Thoughts may poison --- Fear causes paralysis --- Hate causes insanity --- Fear and Hate have killed their thousands --- Gates' experiments --- How to overcome the poison of bad-thinking - p. 91
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