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The theories of the eminent Japanese philosopher Yoritomo-Tashi have resulted in the formation of another school of philosophy. Therefore, it is with the greatest pleasure that I undertake to comment on the maxims of this philosopher, while applying them to modern life

Yoritomo-Tashi expresses himself in a direct style, and he has a deep insight into the human soul, which enables him to define its various states. He possesses also this advantage over many other philosophers—he is not prosy, nor depressing. His teachings are illustrated by parables in which the poetry of the Par East stands out in vivid coloring, like a Japanese print.

His Books include:
Common Sense How to Exercise it
Timidity, how to overcome it
Influence: How to Exert It

Yoritomo-Tashi is superior to many thinkers in the fact that he is not satisfied with merely pointing out an evil; he analyzes its causes, and, in regard to mental defects, he indicates the cure.

I derived great pleasure from my first visit to the little provincial museum in which Yoritomo-Tashi's wonderful manuscripts repose. And this pleasure was renewed a year later. As in the tale of "The Sleeping Beauty in the "Woods," the custodian of this museum seemed to have been asleep ever since the day I called. He was surrounded by stuffed animals posed in attitudes suggesting their habits, and he looked scarcely more alive than they. The loud-ticking clock at one end of the room was the only sign of life in this abode of silence and oblivion.

It was with a feeling of awe that I entered the small manuscript room, where, if it had not been for the vigilance of the custodian's wife, I could have traced the footprints I had made on my previous visit, for no one had been there to efface them since the preceding year. At least this is what the good man told me, as he turned pages covered with the writings of my

friend, Commander B , who had translated

Yoritomo's philosophy.

In my memory there still lingered the remembrance of the advice, the precepts, the deductions, and the symbols which I now rejoiced to see again, and I was amazed at his psychological mind, which was able to treat so many different subjects, in turn, in such a masterly manner. And, as when standing before


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