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Jane Yarnall was an interesting New Thought figure in a couple of respects. She not only classified herself as a Divine Science writer but she also referred to her teachings as Science of Mind She wrote this when Ernest Holmes was a toddler! Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Jane Yarnall's

Practical Healing For Mind And Body
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Healed by these lessons - Testimonials

St. Louis, Mo., July 18, '91.

Dear Mrs. Yarnall: I feel truly glad to hear that you are having your lessons published in book form. To me they were priceless.
You have the rare gift of logically translating the spiritual into the practical. In them I found no metaphysical abstractions; the sweet, plain truth made as clear and strong in its ready application to every day life, as it is enlightning to the spiritual senses. Place me on your subscription list, and remember me as yours with gratitude and love.
1017 Chestnut st. St. Louis, Mo.

By putting in practice the beautiful principles you taught me with such forcible clearness, I have overcome all tendency to the many physical ills I formerly suffered, chief among which were the most terrible headaches, which had baffled all previous attempts to relieve them ; besides opening the way to peace of mind in which I find perfect immunity from anxious care.
St. Louis, Mo.

Your teaching of the principles of Christian Science has not only shown me the way out of physical suffering, but opened my understanding and enabled me to realize my true self as the child of God. The Bible is no longer a sealed book. I find my mental capacities enlarged, and the old narrow conception of Divine law has given place to a positive knowledge that it is God's will that we should be well and happy.

St. Louis, Mo



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