The Good Time Coming by Jane W. Yarnall


Something over five years ago we published and offered to the public the book "Practical Healing for Mind and Body," and during those years there have come to the writer such words of appreciation, and such assurances of the good it has done, and the help it has given, that we feel encouraged to offer another volume with the hope that it may be equally helpful to its readers.

The former book being devoted more to the rudiments of Mental Science and its practical uses, there was necessarily less space given to what may be called the theological side of the question; and notwithstanding the tendency among theologians to be more lenient toward such innovations as have been made by the promulgation of these metaphysical ideas, there is still much room for improvement in that line, and much need for a more thorough acquaintance with the principles we teach.

When we look back upon the practices of bigotry and intolerance, and the persecution every new innovation has had to suffer from such sources, we discover that every worthy movement has quietly triumphed over all such persecution and misrepresentation, and has withstood the assaults of calumny and prejudice, and gradually risen into prominence and usefulness nothing daunted by the efforts made to bring it into disrepute.

So it has been with the growth of this metaphysical movement.

It has been stoned and pelted with filthy innuendoes, and every indignity has been heaped upon it that jealousy, envy and malice could invent; but it grows, and thrives, and its influence for good widens and expands in beauty and utility day by day.

It has been found to serve the needs of mankind as nothing else has ever done; and while it may be said to be still in its infancy, it is opening up new and glorious vistas for the students of truth to profit by continually.

We call this little volume "THE GOOD TIME COMING," because it has not as yet come to all consciously.

While in the song of the African slave, as he caught a glimpse of the freedom soon to be proclaimed for his race, he sang "The good time coming is almost here,
It was long, long, long on the way," etc. many of us can rejoice in deliverance from another kind of bondage.

The good time is already here for all who will open the door and let it in.

The good time coming is when the principles we have aimed to set forth in these pages shall be known and acknowledged by every living soul.

The good time consists in the knowledge of eternal principles that are of practical value in the solution of the life problem. Not a solution of the financial problem at all; but when a man understands the truth of his real being, as all may understand it, the financial problem is already solved for such.

The good time consists in the realization of freedom now, which means a liberation from the false ideas and mistaken methods that have kept the human race in bondage to limitation and helplessness on every hand, and to the false belief that such was the common and inevitable lot of all mankind.

The multitudes of people of sound mental caliber who are learning the more excellent way constitutes the best evidence that truth is the power back of the movement.

We, as a people, have great reason for rejoicing that we live in an age of progressive thought; in an age that pushes mankind to investigate; in an age that honest students of truth are not satisfied with the traditions of the past, but rather seek to "prove all things and hold fast to that which is good," knowing that all truth is good.

The traditions of men, and the popular teachings of creed and dogma, have not been satisfying to the majority of thinking people, because of the errors and discrepancies that completely overshadow the practical good that might be brought out by the teaching.

The nature and character of God, and the law of God, as generally expounded, has been found so at variance with the spirit of godliness that reasoning souls could not remain so clouded by ignorance; could not be satisfied to grovel in the limitations such teachings imposed, however sincerely it may have been taught.

The whole civilized world, as a people, have believed in a God; have talked, written and preached about God, and formed and expressed opinions pro and con about God; and yet with all that has been taught, said, written or preached, comparatively few have fully agreed in their conceptions of God.

We have been taught of a personal God, of an angry God, a God of wrath, a jealous God, a vengeful, vindictive God, etc., and the same teachers have called the same God a God of love, and have said that he was yesterday, today and forever the same.

We cannot deny that such contradictory ideas and opinions constitute much of the teaching called religious, and which teaching treats of the character and laws of God, and our own relation to, and duty toward, Him, as the Supreme Ruler of the universe.

That such teaching has not satisfied the reasoning men and women of today is a well known fact that has been the great incentive for seeking deeper into the problem of man's being.

The seeking has not been in vain.

It has been discovered by men of great learning and unquestioned scholarship that the choice of words used by the translators of Scripture has not always expressed the true spirit of the word, hence the confusion of ideas as the result.

The personal pronoun He and Him, used so profusely throughout the Scriptures when referring to God, or the Lord, leaves the reader with an impression of a personal God, and a personal Lord, so long and so persistently taught throughout Christendom. This conception of God and the Lord has been so misleading, and has made such deep impressions upon the minds of men, that we are very apt to lose sight of the spirit of the word.

We are apt to forget that "God is Spirit," and that He must be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth.

By logical reasoning we find that God means the absolute good as a whole.

When we say absolute good, we mean that which cannot be qualified; it is absolute.

The good may be divided and subdivided into various principles and aspects that are eternally the same, that nothing can change, separate or destroy, and between which there can be no disagreement.

The principle of Life, of Love, of Truth, of Wisdom, Power, Health, Strength, Peace, and many more too numerous to mention, all belong in the category of eternal, incomparable principles that constitute God.

These principles are expressed in the law of the good, which in Scripture is called the Lord, and in reality as a combination of eternal principles is Lord over all.

It is to this ever acting law of the good that we are to look for deliverance from the not good, or the negative we call evil; that is, act and live in harmony with it, agree with it, and depend upon it as supreme.

All the civilized world as a people have called upon the God of their conceptions for help or relief, and the fact that so many have made their appeals in vain is the best evidence that their conceptions were false, and therefore their appeals were made to a false God.

It was this law of God (the Lord) that spoke through the prophet Isaiah when he said "Look unto me and be ye saved all the ends of the earth."

This appeal was made to a people who were worshiping false gods, just as many are doing unconsciously in our day.

We are told that the spirit of wisdom and truth spoke through Isaiah at such times, and that this was a message direct from the author of this law to the children of earth, and that Isaiah was inspired to see that their mistaken ideas of God, and of worship, were the primary cause of the miseries they suffered; and the only way to be saved from such misery was to look to the law that was the natural and inevitable expression of those eternal principles of truth and goodness that tend continually to peace and harmony.

We are not to suppose that the knowledge of this law was confined to the prophets and the holy men of Israel. It is for all to know and understand if only we will open the windows of the souls and be taught of the Spirit to know ourselves.

To pursue the study of man, as the offspring of the great Source of being, and trace the unfoldment from the lowest plane of consciousness to the present status of man (though it has taken ages to reach the present stage) the door begins to open and unnumbered mysteries are revealed; and man begins to find that every mystery is hidden within himself, and only awaits his action to unfold and reveal its true nature, and then he says, "How strange that we never discovered these things before."

Health, strength and vigor of mind and body are the rightful inheritance of every child of earth, and none are deprived of that inheritance except through ignorance of the law that makes for health and harmony, which is the law we have aimed to set forth in these pages.

We trust the readers of this little volume will be able to solve many a problem by a practical knowledge of the principles herein set forth, and that strength and light will be given to clear away the falsity that has heretofore obscured the mental vision for us all.

To know that even one has found the way out of bondage by the truths we have given in this form will be a pleasure and blessing to the AUTHOR.

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