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Ernest Wilson's Master Class Lessons Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Ernest C Wilson 's:

The Master Class Lessons
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  • 1. Of what is some manifest need in our life the indication?
  • 2. How should we look upon the forms of negation that human sense reports?
  • 3. Where should we begin in our efforts to demonstrate health?
  • 4. Does this mean that we should do nothing in an outward way to remedy conditions?
  • 5. Should we deny appearances of negation?
  • 6. Where does healing begin?
  • 7. What is more important to us than a specific healing?
  • 8. What phases of our life should prayer affect?
  • 9. Is prayer a substitute for medical treatment and surgery?
  • 10. Did Jesus ever use material remedies?
  • 11. What was the psychology of His use of the clay mixed with spittle?
  • 12. What is the safe rule for the Truth student regarding healing?
  • 13. Must we suffer from disease to atone for our transgressions?
  • 14. How long will it take us to be healed?
  • 15. Cite a strong and helpful healing statement.

(The author's answers to these questions will be found beginning on page 153.)


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