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Ella Wheeler Wilcox's

Heart of the New Thought

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Publisher's Preface - Let The Past Go - The Sowing of the Seed - Old Clothes - High Noon - Obstacles - Thought Force - Opulence - Eternity - Morning Influences - The Philosophy of Happiness - A Worn Out Creed - Common Sense - Literature - Optimism - Preparation - Dividends - Royalty - Heredity - Invincibility - That Mental Chisel - The Object of Life - Wisdom - Self Conquest - The Important Trifles - Concentration - Destiny - Sympathy - The Breath - Generosity - Woman's Opportunity - Balance - Contents

Chapter 27 - Sympathy

ARE you of a sympathetic nature?

If so, do not let your sympathies help to add to the world's miseries.

That may seem a strange expression, but it can be explained if you will listen.

Much of the misery in the world is the result of imagination.

All of it is the result of selfishness and ignorance.

But hundreds and thousands of people believe themselves sick, sorrowful and poverty stricken, who would be well, glad and prosperous, if they only thought themselves so.

Every time you pour out your sympathy upon these self-made sufferers, you add to their burden of wrong thought, and make it just so much more difficult for them to rise out of their troubles.

I do not believe all the misfortune in the world is caused by wrong thinking in this life, or can be done away with by right thinking. The three-year-old child who toddles in front of a trolley car and loses a leg, while the tired mother is bending over the washtub to keep the wolf of hunger at bay, cannot be blamed for wrong thinking as the cause of its trouble. Neither can the deaf mute or the child born blind or deformed. We must go farther back, to former lives, to find the first cause of such misfortunes.

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