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Ella Wheeler Wilcox's

Heart of the New Thought

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Publisher's Preface - Let The Past Go - The Sowing of the Seed - Old Clothes - High Noon - Obstacles - Thought Force - Opulence - Eternity - Morning Influences - The Philosophy of Happiness - A Worn Out Creed - Common Sense - Literature - Optimism - Preparation - Dividends - Royalty - Heredity - Invincibility - That Mental Chisel - The Object of Life - Wisdom - Self Conquest - The Important Trifles - Concentration - Destiny - Sympathy - The Breath - Generosity - Woman's Opportunity - Balance - Contents

Chapter 19 - Invincibility

IF we persistently desire good things to come to us for unselfish purposes, and at the same time faithfully perform the duties which lie nearest, we will eventually find our desires being realized in the most unexpected manner.

Our thought force has proved to be a wedge, opening the seemingly inaccessible Wall of Circumstance.

To read good books, to think and ponder on what you read, to cultivate every agreeable quality you observe in others, and to weed from your nature every unworthy and disagreeable trait, to study humanity with an idea of being helpful and sympathetic, all these efforts will help you to the ultimate attainment of your wishes.

It is a proven fact that if we devote a few moments each day to reaching exercises, standing with loose garments and stretching the body muscles to reach some point above us, we increase our stature.

Just so if we mentally and spiritually are continually reaching to a higher plane we are growing.

Every least thought of the brain is a chisel, chipping away at our characters, and our characters are building our destinies.

The incessant and persistent demand of our hearts and minds MUST be granted.

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