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Ella Wheeler Wilcox's

Heart of the New Thought

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Publisher's Preface - Let The Past Go - The Sowing of the Seed - Old Clothes - High Noon - Obstacles - Thought Force - Opulence - Eternity - Morning Influences - The Philosophy of Happiness - A Worn Out Creed - Common Sense - Literature - Optimism - Preparation - Dividends - Royalty - Heredity - Invincibility - That Mental Chisel - The Object of Life - Wisdom - Self Conquest - The Important Trifles - Concentration - Destiny - Sympathy - The Breath - Generosity - Woman's Opportunity - Balance - Contents

Chapter 2 - The Sowing of the Seed

WHEN you start in the "New Thought" do not expect sudden illumination.

Do not imagine that you are to become perfectly well, perfectly cheerful, successful, and a healer, in a few days.

Remember all growth is slow.

Mushrooms spring up in a night, but oaks grow with deliberation and endure for centuries.

Mental and spiritual power must be gained by degrees.

If you attained maturity before you entered this field of "New Thought" it is folly to suppose a complete transformation of your whole being will take place in a week -- a month -- or a year.

All you can reasonably look for is a gradual improvement, just as you might do if you were attempting to take up music or a science.

The New Thought is a science, the Science of Right Thinking. But the brain cells which have been shaped by the old thoughts of despondency and fear, cannot all at once be reformed.

It will be a case of "Try, try again."

Make your daily assertions, "I am love, health, wisdom, cheerfulness, power for good, prosperity, success, usefulness, opulence."

Never fail to assert these things at least twice a day; twenty times is better. But if you do not attain to all immediately, if your life does not

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