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Serving New Thought is pleased to present Thomas Troward's:
The Creative Process in the Individual
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THE steady following up of the successive stages of the Creative Process has led us to the recognition of an Individuality in the All-creating Spirit itself, but an Individuality which is by its very nature Universal, and so cannot be departed from without violating the essential principles on which the further ex­pansion of our own individuality depends. At the same time it is strictly individual, for it is the Spirit of Individuality, and is thus to be distinguished from that merely generic race-personality which makes us human beings at all. Race-personality is of course the neces­sary basis for the development of this In­dividuality; but if we do not see that it is only the preliminary to further evolution, any other conception of our personality as mem­bers of the race will prevent our advance toward our proper position in the Creative

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