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Ralph Waldo Trine's

In Tune With The Infinite

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Foreword - Preface - Prelude - The Supreme Fact Of The Universe - The Supreme Fact Of Human Life - Fullness Of Life - Bodily Health And Vigor - The Secret, Power And Effects Of Love - Wisdom And Interior Illumination - The Realization Of Perfect Peace - Coming Into Fullness Of Power - Plenty Of All Things - The Law Of Prosperity - How Men Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages And Saviors - The Basic Principle Of All Religions - The Universal Religion - Entering Now Into The Realization Of The Highest Riches - "The Way" - A Resolve for Today - Contents -

Chapter 14 - A Resolve For Today

THE following little motto --- A resolve for today --- may contain a little aid for the following of the Way.


I believe that my Master intended that I take His teachings in the simple, frank, and open manner in which He gave them, out on the hill-side, by the calm blue waters of the Galilean sea, and out under the stars of heaven.

I believe that He knew what He meant, and that He meant what He said, when He gave the substance of all religion and the duty of man as love to God, and love and service for His fellow-man.

I am therefore resolved at this, the beginning of another day, this fresh beginning of life, to go forth eager and happy and unafraid, in that I can come into the same filial relations of love and guidance and care with my Father in Heaven that my Master realized and lived, and going before revealed to me.

I shall listen intently to know, and shall run with eager feet to do my Father's will, calm and quiet within, knowing that I shall have the Divine guidance and care, and that no harm therefore

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