Learn about New Thought Recognition Week, a wonderful New Thought Holiday from March 18th through March 26th

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Learn about New Thought Recognition Week, a New Thought Holiday from March 18th through March 26th free at


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"Celebrate New Thought, a powerful progressive spiritual path. New Millennial New Thought 3.0 recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as humanity's highest Spiritual Teaching thus far produced. The first New Thought Holiday was announced by INTA President James Edgerton in 1914. New Thought Day is celebrated on August 23rd. In recognition of the 100th anniversary of New Thought Day, five (5) additional New Thought holidays were announced at the 2014 Canadian New Thought Conference. Learn more about New Thought Library and New Thought and how it is a vehicle for spiritual awakening, positive living and personal empowerment." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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Recognition or New Thought Recognition Week is from March 18th to March 26th.

8 Days a week with Anne Hutchinson Day on March 22nd.

Spring's Awakening is seen in many cultures as an affirmation of Divine Energy displayed through the blossoms of the cherry trees and the quickening of the pulse of love. Within civil societies there is an awareness of the importance of the natural rhythms of love, thus young girls and boys date and learn about love and relationships within healthy contexts.

The 8 day New Thought celebration of Recognition celebrates the truth that the Divine flows through all things at all times; thus all life is in a continual process of Spiritual Evolution. We recognize that Divine Energy is "the root and fruit of all being" and that the highest and greatest spiritual truth is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Some call the celebration of Recognition: 'New Days,' which is reminiscent of the Ancient Persian Celebration Nowruz. New Thought New Days truly arrive as we recognize the Divine within all beings and thereby potentiate their ability to spiritually evolve, turning over a "new leaf," leaving past patterns (negative beliefs and consequent behaviors) behind and being reborn through deeper awareness into higher consciousness. Though embracing individual Spiritual Evolution, we enable people to walk the higher spiritual path knowing they are not captives to the past. Thus the Celebration of Recognition from March 18th through March 26th is a celebration of progress in consciousness and our commitment to being a compassionate presence within our communities promoting peace and understanding as well as encouraging reconciliation and friendship. This is why New Thought adherents often use the greeting: "Namaste", or alternatively "Namaskar," "Namaskaram," "Namaskara," or "Vanakkam," during these days or year 'round. This ancient greeting means "I adore and respect the Divine within you."

We recognize the wonderful variety of people and cultures within the world. We are blessed with a variety of cultures. At the dawn of the 21st Century we could see how the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) supports better living around the world in nations like New Zealand, Norway, Denmark and Japan. Perhaps one of the best examples of a nation demonstrating the higher spiritual truth embodied within the UDHR is Canada. It should come as no surprise considering that Canada was able to begin using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at its inception.

During this festival it is customary to share apples and knowledge with people we care for. This is also considered a special time for children with hunts for eggs and other special gifts that are symbolic of the awakening of higher wisdom.

In 1948, Eleanor Roosevelt, the former First Lady of the United States was instrumental in helping world leadership to open their hearts to the Divine Message embodied within the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hearts turned to That That Is, the Divine Energy, listened to the sacred message and in unity inscribed the sacred truth which is the UDHR. From around the world, people of all cultures affirmed the truth that the way to support peace, prosperity and prevent World War 3 (which would most likely destroy all life on the planet) is to listen to the Divine Voice and inscribe the Divine Covenant that we are meant to live by for the rest of time. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights supercedes all previous prophecies and spiritual teachings. Any teaching within any spiritual or religious teaching that contradicts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be discarded. It was understood that the UDHR applies to all nations without exception, yet that decadent nations would not be forced to comply through war. The primary means for enforcement is the diplomatic principle of reciprocity. Some nations were still within the grips of decadent belief systems, including the maintenance of institutional slavery. At times such perpetuation's of degradation were predicated upon decadent interpretations of old religious texts, at other times degradation was the result of legal manipulations. The Soviets pointed out that the United States was still within the grip of Jim Crow (similar to Apartheid). Thus like Morocco and Saudi Arabia, the U.S. was unable to demonstrate its commitment to these higher spiritual principles at that time. In 1964, the U.S.A. demonstrated the New Thought principle of Spiritual Evolution when it passed the Civil Rights Act.

Cultural Identity is an important part of being human. It is important for people to celebrate their heritage and existence. People of East Indian Heritage living in the Caribbean celebrate Spring's Awakening a bit later with the Holi Celebration. This aligns with the Pagan Celebration of Ostara / Easter. Each people of the world has a cultural identity. In Mexico we expect to see wonderful traditions emblematic of Mexican heritage. We go to Denmark and enjoy the Viking Ship Museum which shows five Viking ships deliberately sunk in 1070 to block Roskilde Fjord thereby protecting Roskilde from an enemy attack by sea. Throw in a few Viking reenactments and visitors are even happier. When we we go to KwaZulu-Natal, we expect to see and meet Zulu people and learn about their traditions and history such as the great warrior King Shaka Zulu. Each continent is filled with diversity. Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas have a wide spectrum of cultures and traditions including First Nations indigenous peoples.

The U.S. is the first culture to create a Bill of Rights for common people. The Magna Carta was just a contract between the King and the Nobility, but the U.S. Constitution represents a major breakthrough in human consciousness because it empowered and enfranchised the common people. However there were flaws. Although the original United States Constitution of 1787 did not use the word "slavery," it included several provisions about unfree persons. The Three-Fifths Compromise (in Article I, Section 2) allocated Congressional representation based "on the whole Number of free Persons" and "three fifths of all other Persons." While not directly mentioned, the 'peculiar southern institution' of slavery did not end until after a civil war instigated by those states which supported slavery. To ensure the abolition of slavery in all of the U.S., Lincoln pushed for passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. Congress passed it by the necessary two-thirds vote on January 31, 1865. It was ratified by the states on December 6, 1865. The U.S. Bill of Rights. and the Constitution within which these rights are enumerated are the foundation of American Culture.

Within the 19th Century, racism was a dominant world philosophy. While today there are people in every country and culture who are afraid of people who look different from themselves, it is generally understood that all humans belong to one race and the differences in phenotype (appearance) and genotype (genes) comprise the greatest treasure that humanity has. But this does not stop average joe, or average jane from harboring racist views. If you go to China, there are unflattering terms for people who are not members of the dominant Hahn ethnic group. If you go to the United States, some white people do not like non-whites and some people of African heritage do not like people who do not appear as they do. Sudan shows a clear racial bias on the part of both the people in the north who are Arabic and the people in the south who are African. In 2016, the conflict was still ongoing. Around the world there are thousands of groups of people who call themselves "the people." Often they have mythologies which state that they are special in the eyes of God / Goddess, by whatever name they use. The challenge of spiritual growth is universal. While it may be normal for children to fear others that do not look like their mother, it is not healthy for adults to continue such fears and if a culture encourages bias against people who are not like the dominant group it can be quite deadly. It is a demonstration of the New Thought principle of Spiritual Evolution when people are aware of differences yet are not dominated by fear.

The 18th of March, the first day of New Days has special significance in Turkey as it marks the end of the dark times of the Ottoman Empire. The Pashas had destroyed Turkish credibility in the world through the perpetuation of the most heinous genocide in at least a thousand years, murdering the indigenous citizens who had contributed so much to the Empire. Mustafa Kemal embodied a blazing vision propelling Turkey onto the stage of the world with compelling significance enough to inspire partnership on the greater world stage. Turkey stepped forth from submission theology into the light of science and human rights. The Turkish government was a primary leader in the creation and confirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This was the type of future envisioned by one of Turkey's greatest national figures. Kemalism is an affirmation of a higher vision of Turkish identity. Ataturk's vision is to weave a new Turkey from the fabrics and threads of the tattered garment of the Ottoman Empire which would embrace all of its people which comprised a unique heritage which would enable Turkey to survive its self immolation through empowering the remnants of its dwindling heritage, to this end Ataturk instituted free education and many other reforms. Ataturk envisioned Turkey as stepping forth as a truly plural democracy strengthened by a rainbow of philosophy and science created through embracing human rights and participant democracy. In 1921, Turkish citizens in this new democracy were afforded one of the most simple yet powerful doctrines of democracy ever presented. In 23 short articles, Turkey rocketed to the forefront of social evolution. Turkey created one of the finest examples of a functional democracy ever created placing itself on the path of the peace, prosperity and world leadership. This document is the direct predecessor of today's Turkish Constitution which is quite impressive. Those spending time in Turkey in the late 20th Century would have experienced the growing prosperity of Anatolia. Even in the face of ongoing subterfuge from Arabic and Persian interests, Turks moved forward in a consistent commitment to the principles of Ataturk. March 18th marks the end of the darkness of a culture of submission and the beginning of a nation stepping into the light of co-creation.

It should be understood that this does not mean that the entire world needs to be one 'monoculture.' It is rewarding and enriching to experience different cultures. When we visit decadent cultures which have not yet awakened to the highest Divine Truth of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), we are able to see how this negatively impacts their societies. When one visits a nation in which there is only one religion with laws to prevent the practice of other religions and ensure people can only marry other people adhering to the state sanctioned religion, we can observe fascism in action. It is normal for such cultures to be rife with manias. In decadent cultures that have created an artificial reality in which sexuality is suppressed, the result is a high degree of self loathing and shame. People become obsessed with sex. Societies dictate that women must cover their bodies because the males are emotionally stunted. We might find an unhealthy obsession with virginity, accompanied by sexual obsession and mental illness which is often 'Freudian' in nature. While civil societies encourage a healthy view of sex as a positive and natural expression, decadent societies are lost within a quagmire of emotional and psychological confusion and consequent illness.

Science is a way of thinking, not a system of beliefs. Science is a powerful divine gift which enables humanity to learn about the universe we live in and thereby survive and thrive. Wisdom is the result of combining knowledge with compassion such that we can see the truth of the Golden rule and why it is so important. Our lives are better because of understanding. Understanding is different from knowledge. Understanding enables us to see principles through the underlying truth of Cause and Effect. Cause and Effect can also be observed within human interactions on various levels, personal, social and cultural. In New Thought, we are aware of the differences between Civil Societies in which people treat each other with civility and can disagree passionately about things without becoming violent. In contrast, decadent societies which do not recognize the higher truths such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have much higher levels of discontent and consequent conflict.

We can look at various countries around the world and see that those which have embraced the principles of civil society adhering to the UDHR have higher indices of happiness and less crime. We would be surprised to go to Sweden, Germany or Japan and find dirty streets filled with crime. It would not fit with Swedish, German or Japanese traditions. These cultures also celebrate the beauty of the human body and the rights of people to dress as they wish. It would be extraordinarily unnatural for these lands to be places where women would be afraid to walk alone to the store or to be afraid for their children going to the local swimming pool. While in decadent societies there is a high degree of mental illness and thus people are overwhelmed by the sight of a bare navel or back, in civil societies there is a higher degree of spiritual development. This can be easily observed through the presence of religions which are focused on inner and outer peace.

In New Thought, we teach that it is important to recognize and celebrate diversity through being happy about your roots and who you are today. Each nation has a history filled with struggles, triumphs, tragedies and victories. Great nations and cultures are able to look at their pasts honestly, see the mistakes made by ancestors, then correct them. Thus they are able to truly actuate the principle of Spiritual Evolution. Weak nations and decadent cultures are unable to do this which means they are often trapped within past patterns that lead to new destructive manifestations. When nations and cultures recognize mistakes made in the past, new generations can live fully within the present and let go of any guilt or shame. This is why Romans do so well today. It would be odd to be angry at the people in the city of Rome for things done by their ancestors, or angry at the Spanish for the abuse of people during the inquisition or the murder of millions of Indigenous peoples throughout Latin America. The Spanish government has recognized these mistakes, creating means of reconciliation. Reconciliation is essential progress ensuring social change without violence. The destructive influence of certain Abrahamic traditions led the Mexican people to revolution in the early 20th Century. When individuals, communities and societies recognize injustice then they can evolve. Evolution is always better than Revolution.

One of the most important things for us to recognize is that Thomas Picketty has given us the keys to attaining and retaining prosperity. In 2014, Picketty provided the results of his major research which parsed all available world economic data going back to the 1600's. The answer to maintaining peace and prosperity is found within three principles: Educate the people, ensure the people have access to good Universal Health Care as a Human Right, and respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as the highest spiritual teaching thus far imparted to Humanity. When we combine these principles with a consistent commitment to civil society, ALWAYS keeping a strict separation of the institutions of religion from the institutions of governance, thus we insure peace and prosperity for all people forever.

At times one hears people talking about what is called a "Zero Sum Game." Listen carefully. Are they pushing poverty consciousness? Are they afraid that they can't make enough money to support the societies they are within? Look at Germany holding up the entire economy of Europe. How do they do it? The prosperous and happy nations in Europe: Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway etc... do not believe in the Zero Sum Game so often proposed in the U.S.A. in which people are afraid that if they pay taxes they won't make a profit. These nations have also discovered another secret. Instead of complex healthcare legislation, they have simple systems which guarantee 100% coverage and small co-pays: $3 per prescription, $3 for an MRI, $15 to visit a doctor. No ridiculous paperwork, no waiting. These countries do not have dual healthcare systems such as what we see in the United Kingdom. There is not a separate healthcare system for the wealthy nobles, with another system for the regular citizens. There is one health care system with well paid doctors who can do the work they love without the motive of profit. Is it really spiritual to put a profit motive into healthcare? If a nation's healthcare system is run on a for profit basis then it is always more profitable if there are more sick people. It is the same with prisons. If a society creates a for profit prison system, then there is a clear incentive to put people in jail so that more profits can be made. Is that spiritual? Is that rational? No. There are some things which work best when they are not done for profit. Otherwise we are creating a "Zero Sum Game" in which everyone loses. Have courage! Know that if there is money to be made, then taxes can be paid and more money will be manifested. Street lights, roads, sewage and water, schools, universities, libraries, fire stations, law enforcement, social work, physical and mental health care are all part of the function of advanced Civil Society. Proper regulation ensures clean air and water. If we do not have clean water to drink and clean air to breath, illness and death soon arrive at our doorstep. The greatest recognition of all is that with brains and a little effort, we can co create the greatest societies the earth has ever had. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Drop all taxes on people earning less than one (1) million U.S. dollars per year to 10%. For those earning more than $1 million per year, let them pay 50% on money made over that one million. It is better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing. "Take care of the people and the nation will go well. Neglect the people and nations decline." If we wish to combat terrorism, we must build our civil societies so that we maximize our potential and minimize social friction. If societies do not follow the principles discovered by Picketty, they eventually decline.

Recognition is celebrated in wonderful ways which suit the varied traditions of New Thought. Most celebrations reflect the ancient festival of Nowruz while including traditions from other cultures. Keep in mind that Recognition is also a celebration of the first step within five (5) step affirmative prayer. New Thought adherents do not deny evolution, we embrace it. We know that the entire universe emerged from the singularity, just as most life on earth evolved from a single organism branching outward in the tree of life.

Recognition is also a time in which parents recognize that children need knowledge about life and love. It is a time to educate ones' children about love and reproduction. Communities and societies which educate their children about sex have lower levels of teenage pregnancy.

This is why children within advanced civil societies receive appropriate education about reproduction and Human Rights. This helps to keep children from being exploited. It can be observed that decadent societies often seek to prevent appropriate education about reproduction and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). These societies have markedly higher rates of child sexual abuse and abuse of people with less power especially females.

One of the great challenges today is to help people from, and within, decadent societies to realize they have Rights. It understood that children need compassionate attention. Children who do not receive positive care taking can develop Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). Boys who do not receive proper training at an early age can have challenges respecting women and children when they become young men. Some social psychologists feel that if a lack of education is combined with 'religious abuse' this can lead to predatory behavior patterns that are difficult, if not impossible to transform.

Sound parenting and positive social results come as a result of consistent and reliable presence. The majority of neurosis develop due to inconsistent parenting patterns. It is proven that with the higher primates comprising this thing we call humanity that positive reinforcement is the best means of developing robust positive creative expression.

When we look at "odd bipolar disorders that we see all over," one of the great books available is I Hate You -- don't leave me. This insightful book on Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder explains why consistency is essential in parenting and care taking. Healing for such conditions is possible through the application of New Thought principles. Change your thinking, change your life. Some truly great spiritual leaders have evolved out of these disorders to do truly groundbreaking work.

Bipolar disorders often stem from inconsistent parenting which presents personalized "punishment" and inconsistent patterns. Just observe and one can see that the primary variant is consistency versus inconsistency. The inconsistent, or vibration between negative and positive emotions can set up a wave within the individual which can be seen as a bio-rhythm which is within the neurochemistry. Those scientists who focus on this math will

Every truly great New Thought spiritual leader strives for perfection in understanding the various forms of thought that under gird the emotional realities of the participants within each human culture. This is what separated the New Thought spiritual leader from old thought religious leaders. We must master principle and practice, then competently and creatively share these with all members of the human race sufficiently developed to be able to learn about them.

Recognition is a joyful celebration of knowing the truth that the Divine is everything. God / Goddess flows through all things and life is in a perpetual state of transformation. There is no spot where God is not. Einstein said "the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’"

Do you feel that you within a safe place? Do you feel you are in an unfriendly place? Do you believe it is chance? Or do you believe in the higher math found within the Equilibrium?

The mathematics of the Equilibrium envelop higher concepts that support great efficiency of shared happiness. This is the ultimate divine expression. "Do what is good for yourself while ensuring it is good for the group. Or in other words: Do what is good for the group, remembering that you are part of the group."

We have mathematics of compassion and verification of this higher wisdom within Divine Nature as it is. We have been tasked to be caretakers. Ignorance is no excuse. Those who fail to heed the truth must yield to the that greatest of proofs concerning the Universal Mystical Law of Cause and Effect: "Garbage in, garbage out."


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