Learn about New Thought Realization Week, a wonderful New Thought Holiday from March 18th through March 26th

Learn about New Thought Realization Week New Thought Holiday

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"Celebrate New Thought, a powerful progressive spiritual path. New Millennial New Thought 3.0 recognizes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as humanity's highest Spiritual Teaching thus far produced. The first New Thought Holiday was announced by INTA President James Edgerton in 1914. New Thought Day is celebrated on August 23rd. In Realization of the 100th anniversary of New Thought Day, five (5) additional New Thought holidays were announced at the 2014 Canadian New Thought Conference. Learn more about New Thought Library and New Thought and how it is a vehicle for spiritual awakening, positive living and personal empowerment." ~ Avalon de Rossett

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New Thought Info helps us know

Realization or New Thought Realization Week is from September 18th to September 26th.

It is a time of final harvests of late ripening fruits and nuts. The festival of Realization is a time to be grateful to our ancestors for providing us with the foundations of Civil Society. Like the festival of Recognition, this is a time to celebrate the principle of the Universal Mystical Law of Cause and Effect. We are seeing the effects of the planting of seeds, our care and nurturing of those seeds yields the crop which manifests. We are grateful for freedom from superstition through science because through scientific thinking we find our way to deeper understanding of life and thus better ways of doing things.

New Thought Holidays signal a new era for New Thought. While the 20th Century revealed a great variety of New Thought forms, the First World War savaged the International New Thought Movement. The Turkish genocide of their Armenian citizens not only destroyed the majority of Turkish intellectual power, it resulted in the murder of thousands of followers of Khalil Gibran. At times people forget that the Turkish crime included the murder of thousands of adherents to the Bahai faith which is analagous to and contemporary with New Thought. In fact some people feel that Bahai is not only contemporary with, but also part of the New Thought movement. There are hundreds of books published a century ago by witnesses to that particular Turkish genocide. Today Erdogan is in the process of purging Turkish society of all elements that are inconvenient to his new vision of Turkey. It is important for New Thought adherents to stand up for human rights. We must not simply bear witness to atrocities and note them in blogs or books, we must seek to stop such dark and decadent rituals from taking place.

The splitting of various New Thought "transdenominations" (denominations) during the 20th Century revealed that New Thought had evolved into a true spiritual path. New Thought holidays demonstrate that while New Thought continues to evolve producing novel expressions, people are finding universal ground to celebrate commonly held principles.
Astute observers will notice that New Thought weeks are 8 days long. The 8 Days a week motif is about living the teachings. The number 8 is also symbolic of eternity. We are planting seeds and harvesting a crop of love that goes on forever. Eight (8) is similar to the moebius strip which is one of the reasons it is considered a sacred number in many cultures.

For those who grew up in the 20th Century there is a Beatles song which goes:
Oooh I need your love babe, yes you know its true,
hope you need my love babe, just like I need you
hold me, love me, hold me love me
I ain't got nothing but love babe, eight days a week ....
8 Days a week, I love you
8 Days a week is not enough to show I care ...

In New Thought we recognize that Love is the essential ingredient for transformation.

 "Perfect love drives out all fear." Thus we strive to perfect our ability to love, to live love and be love knowing that through love we can transform ourselves and as we change, the world changes with us.

This is why New Thought Millennials are watching New Thought leaders to observe whether they are truly compassionate or simply seeking their own success.   In New Thought, there is the concept that the Divine flows through all things and thus through all people.  Yet New Thought Millennials are careful to point out that this cannot be used as an excuse to declare all things "spiritual" noting that the serial killing maniacs, the leaders who abuse power, the mothers who sell their childen for sex and even murder them are not examples of spiritual beings.  We look to those people who are nurturing, caring and demonstrate their power through supporting good as true examples of spiritual beings. 

The spiritual leaders who stand on the sidelines and do nothing to promote good are not those that are remembered because they do nothing memorable.   This is not to say that we don't find beauty in the passive wall flowers of today, we simply understand that they are not working to create a compassionate world and thus not contributing to a world that "works for everyone."

Part of the work of love is the extension of ourselves to nurture that which is good. The farmer shows that she loves her fields by watering them. The rancher demonstrates love for the livestock by insuring they have food, water and are protected from predators. The person with true spiritual understanding knows that wisdom is the combination of knowledge with compassion. Such a person nurtures the societies which support creation and are not oriented toward destruction. Cultures which produce advanced Civil Societies are worthy of respect. Civil Societies recognize the truth of gender equality and do not fall into artificial impositions which violate basic human rights.

New Thought is a truly international spiritual path in its acknowledgment that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the highest spiritual wisdom ever imparted to humanity. This truth conjoined with the knowledge that the highest social expression of humanity thus far is Civil Society, opens the door for those blessed to be part of such societies to embody the greatest and best of what humanity offers and thus express the most profound Divine Truth ever.

Realization is a time in which we acknowledge the importance of balance in our lives and harvest the results of our earlier efforts. Within New Thought we are aware that Equinox is a magical time for all on the earth. The concept of harvest is not isolated to the September Autumn of the northern hemisphere. While apples are harvested in the north, in the Southern Hemisphere pomegranates are being harvested.

These two fruits take on a sacred symbology because they are both fruits that symbolize the Divine Feminine. In fact the third Saturday in September is International Eat an Apple Day. The 21st of September is the International Day of Peace. The celebration of Realization ends on the 26th of September which is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. The festival of Realization is concurrent with Oktoberfest.

One way to understand the significance of the Equinox and balance in our lives is to look at the mythology of Kore. This is a story that has had great impact on the art world in works such as Gustav Klimt's The Kiss which is a painting about the moment in which Hades pulls Kore through a flower into the underworld. This action precipitated changes for all the participants who participate in and explore through the Eleusinian mysteries. Hades is transformed to Pluto. Kore becomes Persephone. The world transforms through color and splendor during Autumn in the North and Spring in the South.

Thus the 8 day celebration of Realization is a celebration of transformation. This is a time to understand the truth that the seeds we plant, yield the crops we harvest. Thus it is a time of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful tool in spiritual practice. It frees us from bondage to the past and opens the door to building firm foundations for peace. Just as Buddhist and Celtic traditions have strong traditions of forgiveness, most Abrahamic traditions include powerful memes of forgiveness.

Realization is the third step within Affirmative prayer in which practitioners realize the truth of our unity or oneness with good. During the celebration of Realization, we take time to enjoy the fruits of fulfillment of our goals over the past 9 months. We reflect upon our progress in realizing our goals. What helped? What did not? How can we do better as we progress?
As we evaluate and understand how we have managed and what we have done, we complete those projects which we can finish during this festival. We also map out the means to accomplish the other projects within our plans and always, we continue our work upon ourselves. The beauty of life is found upon the journey, not the destination.

The crops have been harvested. Days and nights are balanced. After this festival, nights in the Northern hemisphere lengthen, while days in the Southern hemisphere become longer.
Both in the north and south, this festival celebrates aspects of the Persephone archetype which is about communication and counseling. In the North, this is a time of transition to cooler days and thus the rule of the mature Persephone. In the South, this is a time of Spring's awakening and thus the archetype of Kore rules.

There are three sacred days of September Equinox. September 22, 23, and 24th. Each year the equinox falls on one of these days. These three days are considered the heart of this festival with the high point being the day of the Equinox. While some people believe that on the day of the equinox there is an exact balance of 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night, this is not true due to latitude. As one departs from the Equator, the latitude affects the lengths of the days and nights.

During this festival some things are woven into Realization celebrations in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres.

1. Apples and Pomegranates and dishes which use them such as Apple butter.
2. Final harvest of lavender, lemon balm, sage, and mint in the North, sowing poppy seeds and other annuals in the South
3. This is a time for drinking amber beers. Oktoberfest styles in the North and Marzen in the South.
4. Grilling lamb and flavoring it with yogurt or mint sauce and giving thanks for the animals who have give their lives to sustain us.
5. Raspberry and Pomegranate sorbet, pears, zucchini, carrots
6. Mushrooms.
7. Moon Cakes
8. Nuts of all kinds

In the Northern Hemisphere, tender plants are brought inside the home or office before the first freeze can harm them. Bulbs are planted at this time including onions and garlic. In the South, this is the time for early planting and one must be aware of possible frost.

Awareness is an essential ingredient to consciousness. This is why science is essential to real spirituality. This is because science is not a collection of beliefs, it is a way of thinking. Scientific thinking is aimed at discovering truth. Another name for New Thought is Truth Teachings. Unlike old thought religions which are often predicated on a person's "revelation," New Thought includes the concept of Spiritual Evolution. Thus when we gain insights that supercede old thought, we update and upgrade. We let go of old belief patterns that do not support us to live the Divine Life. We let go and move forward.

New Thought teaches that higher consciousness requires awareness. Thus, while adherents can "turtle" (live in a bubble), spiritual leaders and those wishing to transcend must walk the High Metaphysical Path which is epitomized by the 23rd Psalm:

"The Divine flows through me, guides & protects me, my needs are met; I am guided and required to sleep in a good place. I am led to the deeper zones of consciousness like peaceful waters. My soul is refreshed, my energy renewed. I am guided to better decisions for highest good. Great Spirit provides a banquet even in the face of antagonists: anoints my head with oil; abundance flows to me, through me, my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell within the Divine Dimensions for eternity." ~ Mystic's Bible

Walking the High Metaphysical path means we cannot live with blinders on. While some may ensconce themselves within illusion teachings, Chapter Seven (7) of the Lotus Sutra teaches us that to transcend we must let go of illusions and embrace That That Is. This parable is about a group of travelers who must journey across a challenging and difficult land in order to reach a place of peace filled with abundance of good. At some point, the group is tired, afraid and wants to turn back.

Their leader, a wise and caring wisdom holder, realizes that they are close to their goal, and if they give up, then all their efforts will be wasted:

"Release your fears, we must not turn back. Let us focus on the present moment, here and now."

Guided in a deep meditation, they create a virtual reality.

"Here is a wonderful city where you can recuperate your energy. Take time to relax, rest and enjoy yourselves."

Their spiritual leader keeps watch over them while they regain their internal stability and outward strength; insuring that while they "turtle" within their virtual reality, they are safe and sound. Realizing that the group has recuperated, the leader awakens them from their illusion: "We are near the place of peace and abundance. Now that everyone is feeling strong, it is time to awaken from this illusion. It was only a virtual reality. Together we can progress and transcend." ~ Lotus Sutra: Chapter Seven - The Parable of the Virtual City

Within New Thought, we celebrate life and are aware that there is a difference between 'actual' and 'virtual.' This is not always the case with some old thought "revealed religions" which at times will maintain their interpretation of revelations from long dead founders even in the face of proof which contradicts their beliefs. In the case of decadent religions, leaders have been indoctrinated to such as extent that they are afraid that truth will destabilize the "revealed religion" they are flogging.

The festival of Realization is a festival of transformation. We are not afraid of change. We embrace Spiritual Evolution and move forward. We joyfully let go of the old patterns that do not serve us and live the truth which does!

New Thought thinking means higher thinking, better planning, finer results

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In the late 20th Century, New Thought became riddled with false prosperity doctrines and a lack of compassion. 
The New Thought of the New Millennium leaves such delusions behind embracing a new paradigm

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"'The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal. Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world.' ~ James A. Edgerton, New Thought Day, August 23rd, 1915."

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