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Prentice Mulford

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Prentice Mulford's

Thoughts Are Things

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Preface - Material Vs Spiritual Mind - Who Are Our Relations - Thought Currents - One Way to Cultivate Courage - Look Forward - God in the Trees - Some Laws of Health and Beauty - Museum and Menagerie Horrors - God in Yourself - Healing and Renewing Force of Spring - Immortality in the Flesh - Attraction of Aspiration - Accession of New Thought - Contents -

Chapter 11 - Immortality in the Flesh - p. 128

WE believe that immortality in the flesh is a possibility, or, in other words, that a physical body can be retained so long as the spirit desires its use, and that this body instead of decreasing in strength and vigour as the years go on will increase, and its youth will be perpetual.

We believe that the reputed fables in the ancient mythologies referring to the "immortals" or beings possessed of powers other and greater than "mortals" have a foundation in fact.

This possibility must come in accordance with the law that every demand or prayer of humanity must bring supply. There is now a more earnest demand than ever for longer and more perfect physical life, because now more minds see the greater possibilities of life. They appreciate more than ever the value of living in the physical. Such demand often takes this form of expression, "I have just learned how to live and it is nearly time for me to die."

The body will grow to these results through a gradual series of spiritual processes, operating on and ever-changing, spiritualizing and refining the material. These processes do not retain the body a person may have now. They retain "a body," and an ever changing and refining body.

All disease (lack of physical ease) or sickness comes of a spiritual process, the aim of which is the

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