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Prentice Mulford

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Prentice Mulford's

Thoughts Are Things

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Preface - Material Vs Spiritual Mind - Who Are Our Relations - Thought Currents - One Way to Cultivate Courage - Look Forward - God in the Trees - Some Laws of Health and Beauty - Museum and Menagerie Horrors - God in Yourself - Healing and Renewing Force of Spring - Immortality in the Flesh - Attraction of Aspiration - Accession of New Thought - Contents -

Chapter 9 - The God in Yourself - p. 103

AS a spirit, you are a part of God or the Infinite Force or Spirit of good. As such part, you are an ever-growing power which can never lessen, and must always increase, even as it has in the past through many ages always increased, and built you up, as to intelligence, to your present mental stature. The power of your mind has been growing to its present quality and clearness through many more physical lives than the one you are now living. Through each past life you have unconsciously added to its power. Every struggle of the mind -- be it struggle against pain, struggle against appetite, struggle for more skill in the doing of anything, struggle for greater advance in any art or calling, struggle and dissatisfaction at your failings and defects -- is an actual pushing of the spirit to greater power, and a greater relative completion of yourself, -- and with such completion, happiness. For the aim of living is happiness.

There is today more of you, and more of every desirable mental quality belonging to you, than ever before. The very dissatisfaction and discontent you may feel concerning your failings is a proof of this. If your mind was not as clear as it is, it could not see those failings. You are not now where you may have been in a mood of self-complacency, when you thought yourself about right in every respect. Only you may, now, in looking at yourself, have swung too far in the opposite direction; and, because your

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