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Prentice Mulford

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Prentice Mulford's

Thoughts Are Things

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Preface - Material Vs Spiritual Mind - Who Are Our Relations - Thought Currents - One Way to Cultivate Courage - Look Forward - God in the Trees - Some Laws of Health and Beauty - Museum and Menagerie Horrors - God in Yourself - Healing and Renewing Force of Spring - Immortality in the Flesh - Attraction of Aspiration - Accession of New Thought - Contents -

because the people of that period had so much of the Devil, or cruder element, in them as to insist that the universe should not continually show and prove higher and higher expressions of the higher mind for man's comfort and pleasure.

Chapter 8 - Museum and Menagerie Horrors - p. 100

A MENAGERIE of beasts and birds means a collection of captured walking and flying creatures, taken from their natural modes of life, deprived permanently of such modes, and suffering more or less in consequence. The bird, used to the freedom of forest and air is imprisoned in the most limited quarters. Its plumage there is never as fresh and glossy as in its natural state. It does not live as long. The captive life of the many species brought from the tropics is very short, especially of the smaller and more delicate species.

Bears, lions, tigers, deer, wolves and all other animals like liberty and freedom of range as well as man. In the menagerie they are deprived of it. The air they breathe is often fetid and impure. To the burrowing animal, earth is as much a necessity and comfort as a comfortable bed is to us. The captured burrower is often kept on a hard board floor, which, in its restless misery to get into its native earth, it scratches and wears away in cavities inches in depth.

Monkeys by the thousand die prematurely of


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