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Prentice Mulford

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Prentice Mulford's

Thoughts Are Things

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Preface - Material Vs Spiritual Mind - Who Are Our Relations - Thought Currents - One Way to Cultivate Courage - Look Forward - God in the Trees - Some Laws of Health and Beauty - Museum and Menagerie Horrors - God in Yourself - Healing and Renewing Force of Spring - Immortality in the Flesh - Attraction of Aspiration - Accession of New Thought - Contents -

when we have it not, is to be forced, "gushy " and sentimentally silly. But when we demand persistently of the Infinite the new mind, which can find and feel God in the forest or on the sea, in the storm and tempest, and feel not only safety, but absorb power and strength, when Nature's forces seem in their most angry mood, that mind with that capacity will gradually take place of the old one, and with the "new mind" all things will become new."

Chapter 7 - Some Laws of Health and Beauty - p. 88

YOUR thoughts shape your face, and give it its peculiar expression. Your thoughts determine the attitude, carriage, and shape of your whole body.

The law for beauty and the law for perfect health is the same. Both depend entirely on the state of a your mind; or, in other words, on the kind of thoughts you most put out and receive.

Ugliness of expression comes of unconscious transgressions of a law, be the ugliness in the young or the old. Any form of decay in a human body, any form of weakness, anything in the personal appearance of a man or woman which makes them repulsive to you, is because their prevailing mood of mind has made them so.

Nature plants in us what some call "instinct," what we call the higher reason, because it comes of the exercise of a finer set of senses than our outer


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