A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Annie Rix Militz's:

Atonement Understood
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and those who bless you will themselves be blessed. The Christ, an actual presence realized within, makes your business office a place greatly to be respected, as though it were a sanctuary; makes your business a bulwark of your nation impossible to overthrow; makes you a king among businessmen, always knowing just where to “cast the net.”

Christ in your heart makes you a magnet of popularity; gives charm of personality; enlarges the circle of your friends; prospers you in art, music, literature, or in any other vocation into which the Spirit leads you to cast your lot.

Remember ever that “God’s man” must be about the one business of his heavenly Father. All that he does in the outer becomes subsidiary to the main interest, the vital issue, the establishment upon the earth of heaven’s government, in which every follower of the Christ is a king with all the world for his kingdom.


Listen to me!

The Christ in you is your clear insight, your true business sense, and your inspired guidance into success.

You are in business to save the world.

Your integrity saves the whole world.


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