A key aspect of any valid spiritual path is compassion
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Annie Rix Militz's:

Atonement Understood
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certain amount and then mentally lessens it, he is lessening his own receiving capacity. A homely illustration of this law is the good milch cow that keeps up her capacity to receive as long as what she has to give is all taken from her; but if her milker in a foolish moment should think to save her by not stripping her of her milk, she would give him less the next time, even though he milked her dry.

Practice distributing freely because of trust in your unlimited source of supply.

Listen to me!


You have the capacity to receive all riches, and you

disburse them according to the leading of divine inspiration and wisdom.

It is nothing to you how mortals feel about the times.

You are not under the law of limitation.

The income and the outgo are perfectly balanced.

The more comes in the more you spend, and the more you spend the more comes in.

You gauge your own capacity. No one can limit you.

You enlarge your horizon of expenditure.

‘Where others give pennies you give nickels; where others give nickels you give quarters; where others give quarters you give dollars.


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