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Bruce Maclelland's

Prosperity through Thought Force

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Author's Foreword - Preface - Introduction - About Yourself and the Law - Concerning Elements - Methods of Procedure - The Law of Imagination - The Mental Attitude - Better Sometimes to Forget - Physical Effort vs. Mental Attraction - Fear of Failure Brings It to You - Some Other Things - Nearing The End - Contents -

This is not a theory, but a principle well understood by Joseph, Moses and the Christ of Jewish history. Parts of that history, called the Bible, contain a true explanation of the power of mind.

These qualities will strengthen your mind to such an extent that you will attract to you all good things. There are no mistakes in the operation of natural laws. Every man, woman or child gets exactly what he deserves, what he draws to himself. Your present position in life is the result of your past thoughts, and your future position will be the result of your present thoughts.

Possibly you may say, "I don't believe a man can get wealth through his thought power." What brings wealth? Did you say opportunity? Do not believe it. I tell you the man makes the opportunity. Thousands are losing their wealth daily. Other thousands are accumulating wealth.

It's all in the man.

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