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Fannie B. James

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Fannie B. James's

Truth and Health - Science of the Perfect Mind and The Law of Its Expression

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Introduction - The Bible Teaching about Healing - A Beginner's Course - Answers to Some Objections - Revelation - God - God and Man - The Work of Thought - Our Judgment Day - Prayer - Unfoldment - Health - A Month's Daily Lessons - Divine Science Statement of Being - Conclusion - Summary of Science Teachings -

Contents to Part II

Being and Expression - Man the Expression - Not Reflection of God - Man Unveiled - Answers to Questions - Concerning Some Important Doctrines - Questions and Answers on Healing - Comparisons with other Teaching - Spiritual Interpretations of the Bible - The Breaking of Light - (First Chapter of Genesis.) - Eden Lost and Found - (Second, and third Chapters of Genesis.) - Conclusion of the Whole Matter - Spiritual Interpretation of Terms - A Simple Statement of Divine Science - The One {God and Man / Universal and Individual} Defined - An Impersonal Statement of Creator and Creation - Index -


The Universal and formless Substance, Intelligence, Life, Power and Love are omnipresent.

In this Universal Life is ceaseless activity. Of its Substance it forms; by its Intelligence it knows and understands how to forms; because of its Love it rejoices in forming; through its Power it has all ability to form. The activity of Universal, Omnipresent Life produces continuously forms of Life made out of its Substance, by its Intelligence, because of its Love, through its Power.

Formless and Form are of one and the same Substance, Intelligence, Love, Power and Life.

The nature of Formless and Form, the invisible and the visible, is one.

The activity of the Formless and Form is one and the same. Form is the expression of the Formless, and is wholly dependent upon its Source for its being and for its existence.

The Formless is Universal. Form is individual.

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