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Preface - First Convention - Address of Welcome - Thought Grafting - A Rational Positive Spiritual Philosophy - Abundant Life - Value of Social Ideals - Powers Invisible - After Christianity, What? - Mental Treatment for Communities - A Plea for Work Among School-teachers - Officers and Executive Board for 1899 - 1900 - Factions and Divisions - Law of the Good - Tried and True - Gospel of Healing - Is Mental Science Enough? - Constitution and By-laws - Divine Law - God, Freedom, and Immortality - Unity of Good - New Century's Call - Spirit of the New Thought - Individual Ideals - Contents -

demanding it and helping toward it. For Jesus has told us also that the attainment of freedom depends on a recognition of our relation to God and the neighbor. The will of the Father, in the doing of which we shall "know the doctrine," is made plain in the new commandment --- that we "love one another."

It is the proudest boast of modern civilization that our progress is marked by a steady expansion of the "bounds of freedom," as Tennyson puts it. The expression seems paradoxical, yet it is most suggestive of an underlying truth. Freedom that is susceptible of expansion is only relatively such. There can be absolute freedom only in the Infinite and Unconditioned. God and immortality are necessary to its conception and realization. Freedom, in this sense, has no bounds and no relativity. It is one --- simple, pure, incorporeal, immutable, and eternal. On this account, freedom is first and foremost a state of mind; and its consciousness and demonstration in steadily increasing degree are to be brought about by right mental attitudes and right mental activity. All the fetters of doctrine and dogma, all the petty restraints and restrictions now associated with medievalism, and that have so long hampered and handicapped man's growth, have in their time been considered the inevitable conditions of right worship or of social order and welfare. As the mind emerges from these old restraints, it is found that all social and religious forms are flexible and not fixed quantities. They yield to the pressure of the human mind seeking freedom. Man's mastery over outer nature is simply a further consequence of his realization that Freedom is eternal in the heavens and that it is to be realized and exercised on earth in the search for truth. Freedom is the great message of the New Thought Let us remember that. It carries to all men the glad tidings of emancipation from bondage to material conditions of any and every nature. It declares and proves the immutable and unquestionable basis of man's mastery of fate, of his own soul and his own body, in the permanency and perfection of God.

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