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Serving New Thought is pleased to present

International New Thought Alliance's

First International New Thought Metaphysical Congress

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Preface - First Convention - Address of Welcome - Thought Grafting - A Rational Positive Spiritual Philosophy - Abundant Life - Value of Social Ideals - Powers Invisible - After Christianity, What? - Mental Treatment for Communities - A Plea for Work Among School-teachers - Officers and Executive Board for 1899 - 1900 - Factions and Divisions - Law of the Good - Tried and True - Gospel of Healing - Is Mental Science Enough? - Constitution and By-laws - Divine Law - God, Freedom, and Immortality - Unity of Good - New Century's Call - Spirit of the New Thought - Individual Ideals - Contents -

Voted: That the action of yesterday in regard to the election of officers be declared valid.

The business having been disposed of, the following addresses were given



The topic I have chosen for this occasion is one that touches the heart, soul, and life of every human being. It is most generally known under the title of the "Golden Rule."

Without its daily application in the social and business life of man, in whatever sphere of action he may be placed, whatever his worldly state or condition, age, or lineage, he leads an unhappy, care-laden, unsatisfied, and disappointed existence. By its practise in thought and deed, applying its precepts to every department of his mental and physical activities, he becomes a creature to be envied by the immortals;" the boon of happiness is his; wisdom and power, riches and honor, crown his days; and health, strength, and vigor become manifest in every woof and fiber of his physical being. I am quite aware that this is a strong statement, and one that is likely to arouse some opposition and to provoke much criticism. It is nevertheless true, and no amount of skepticism or doubt of its verity can change it into error or controvert its moral or physical effects.

We are endeavoring to solve the problems of an existence which, it is reasonable to assume, is but the training-school for other and greater activities, and for the exercise of our spiritual functions in a more intelligent and comprehensive manner --- after we shall have passed from these varied experiences

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