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to make the other possible. May we not suspect that the reason why the one-half of Christianity --- the preached word --- has been of so "little effect" is that the other half --- the doing of the works --- was left behind? We are made to feel, especially at the present time, that it has been of little effect when we behold two nations of Christendom, at the end of the nineteenth century of the Christian era, waging unholy war --- with many of the Christian ministers urging them on in the name of the Prince of Peace. Subjugation for missionary purposes and subjugation for commercial purposes go hand in hand. Whether either is in accord with Christ's gospel of the word and works, each must judge for himself; but I think we all agree that the gospel of healing is Christian.



A perfect unity is possible in a wide diversity of thought, opinion, and method: a unity of purpose, aim, and pleasant comradeship. In differentiation of thought is wealth; conformity breeds stagnation always. The medical regime often counsels a counter-irritant; therefore, it is well perhaps that a field laborer who has been regarded as something of a heretic in strictly metaphysical ranks --- a little outside the pale of good and regular scientific standing --- should be so kindly welcomed into this noble company of strong, conscientious workers that the depth and sincere fervor of her heresy may be outlined.

Mental Science has a pure and beautiful record as an evangel of freedom and upliftment to the human race. In the few years since this system of pure, strong thinking and righteous living has gained wide acceptance, how many hearts it has blessed; how many minds it has educated and illumined;

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