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What, then, is Christianity as Jesus gave it in his teaching, acts, and life? One thing is plain --- Jesus taught or preached his word of truth. But another fact is equally plain --- he did what are called "works" in the language of the New Testament, or healing in the language of to-day. The Christ, in fact, gave himself largely, as the gospel records tell us, to "healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people" during his public life; indeed, he laid great stress upon these works as an essential part of his mission. They were very prominent in the ministry of Jesus. They made up, with his preaching, his whole public work. In fact, he did nothing else. Just consider the noteworthy fact: he founded no institutions, asylums, or hospitals; organized no charities, founded no religious orders or societies of any kind. He did not even establish a church; nor did he leave directions for the formation of any of these. But he did go about "doing good," doing healing --- the works of Him that sent him.

Further, what were his commands to his followers? Surely it is safe to affirm that in Christ's instructions to his disciples he made the ministry of healing more prominent if anything than the ministry of preaching. He charged them, when he commissioned and sent them forth, to "heal the sick." This was a direct, plain, emphatic command given to his followers of all times. It cannot be denied that Jesus urged and emphasized the gospel works no less positively than the gospel word.

Now, if these conclusions are correct, it becomes of interest and moment to inquire whether these important instructions of the Master have been obeyed. Has the Christian Church as a body, have the ministers of the Church generally, carried out, or are they now carrying out, the full commands of Christ if they neglect to do the works? Surely, the answer to this question must be in the main a negative one. Who, then, are fulfilling --- who are practising this part of Christianity? It seems certain that no unprejudiced person will deny

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