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Preface - First Convention - Address of Welcome - Thought Grafting - A Rational Positive Spiritual Philosophy - Abundant Life - Value of Social Ideals - Powers Invisible - After Christianity, What? - Mental Treatment for Communities - A Plea for Work Among School-teachers - Officers and Executive Board for 1899 - 1900 - Factions and Divisions - Law of the Good - Tried and True - Gospel of Healing - Is Mental Science Enough? - Constitution and By-laws - Divine Law - God, Freedom, and Immortality - Unity of Good - New Century's Call - Spirit of the New Thought - Individual Ideals - Contents -

Let the soul then continue, day by day, to sing the exultant song of the spirit. Let it identify itself with the higher ranges of its being --- with the glory of that true and divine Self which is sinless, diseaseless and deathless. The supreme statements of spiritual reality are, to him who knows how to use them, the very manna and the wine of life, the secret of divine attainment, the sources of health and perfection to mind and body.



A poet once wrote:

"A lie that is all a lie can be met with and fought outright;
But a lie that is part a truth is a harder matter to fight"

We now change this partial recognition of a great principle of Being by enlarging the view. Instead of the opinion that a falsehood is so weak as to be easily conquered in a fight for truth, we have gained a knowledge that is worthy a profounder consideration than the world has yet given it. We now know that a falsehood, a slander, a maligning tongue, need not be fought at all; that it is weaker for being ignored, and fully overcome by a true life. The only capacity of endurance a falsehood has is given it by combative resistance --- by the prop of importance bestowed upon it by those who rise up to fight it, believing self-defense to be imperative. Leave it alone, treat it with indifference, be superior to it, live above it, and it will fade out for want of the enduring quality of trueness, or accordance with the principle of Truth. Some one has truly said, "Silence is the best answer to calumny."

The other thought --- that an element of truth will render that which is mainly false "a harder matter to fight" --- is also very near a great truth that we now begin to understand in a

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