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metaphysics with the materialism and ignorance of the vital principles governing the development of human character and the education of the human mind that are almost universally manifested by preceptors in our primary schools, high schools, and colleges. While there is no kind of work that so urgently requires the understanding and application of the principles of psychology and metaphysics as that of teaching, yet there is no class of persons so prejudiced against all forms of advanced thought, or so opposed to reforms and original ideas, as the instructors employed in many of our educational institutions.

The root of this error and all its consequent inharmony is the common cause of all discord --- ignorance. From college presidents and professors to students and citizens, the wide world over, not one in a dozen persons understands the basic principles of education. It is therefore the duty of all who do understand them to let their light shine and awaken a consciousness of them in the minds of others --- especially in the minds of those who assume the position of teachers.

That you may clearly understand me, I will state what seem to me to be the fundamental principles of education --- so persistently ignored by the majority of teachers, and seldom considered by any but students of metaphysics and advanced psychology. Without an understanding of these principles, education is the merest farce, and all study and experience are of no avail. They should be written on the fly-leaf of every text-book, and hung on the wall of every school-room, so that wherever the work of education is going on it shall accomplish its true purpose --- being no longer the drudgery it often seems to both teachers and students, but a continuous awakening of latent forces to conscious activity.

Education is the evolution, by practical application, of the powers of the human mind and character. This definition covers the widest possible use of the word. Education means evolution --- the leading forth of latent forces. It is not the

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