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First International New Thought Metaphysical Congress

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Preface - First Convention - Address of Welcome - Thought Grafting - A Rational Positive Spiritual Philosophy - Abundant Life - Value of Social Ideals - Powers Invisible - After Christianity, What? - Mental Treatment for Communities - A Plea for Work Among School-teachers - Officers and Executive Board for 1899 - 1900 - Factions and Divisions - Law of the Good - Tried and True - Gospel of Healing - Is Mental Science Enough? - Constitution and By-laws - Divine Law - God, Freedom, and Immortality - Unity of Good - New Century's Call - Spirit of the New Thought - Individual Ideals - Contents -

of a new philosophy, a new religion, broad as humanity, in elusive of all known good, all demonstrated truth; whose God shall be the Spirit of Life; whose worship shall consist in conscious communion with that Spirit; whose prayers shall be the unutterable aspiration of the soul for higher life; whose Bible shall be all wise and inspiring utterance, of whatever age or race; whose priesthood shall be all men and women endowed with love and wisdom to lead and inspire their fellow-men; whose temples shall be consecrated to communion with God and to the service of man, and, in them, all men shall be brothers.



As the perversions of the highest things are often the worst, so Mental Science may be made the most selfish of cults. If we feel that, having obtained interior peace ourselves, we may deny the misery of the world or pass it by on the other side, we monopolize and degrade the gift of God; and, thank God, if we do that, the gift of peace will not stay with us: it will shrivel up like our own selfish hearts, and blow away in the wind of adversity. If we are to keep the blessings, we must extend them and give them room to bloom. For this, as for every other need of man, the earth affords an ample field. For there are social as well as individual ailments; and both arise from the same source: Individual ailments from individual selfishness and stupidity --- social ailments from collective selfishness and stupidity.

Just as it is not enough to show a man the way of righteousness, unless at the same time the desire arises to walk in it, so it is not enough to show a nation the most enlightened policy unless the nation desires to pursue it. For example, we have

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