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Preface - First Convention - Address of Welcome - Thought Grafting - A Rational Positive Spiritual Philosophy - Abundant Life - Value of Social Ideals - Powers Invisible - After Christianity, What? - Mental Treatment for Communities - A Plea for Work Among School-teachers - Officers and Executive Board for 1899 - 1900 - Factions and Divisions - Law of the Good - Tried and True - Gospel of Healing - Is Mental Science Enough? - Constitution and By-laws - Divine Law - God, Freedom, and Immortality - Unity of Good - New Century's Call - Spirit of the New Thought - Individual Ideals - Contents -

the lilies of the field." They have no will save that of the Invisible. Self-willed man --- before his will is unified with the Will of the Invisible --- is not so perfect as one of these. But for man's belief in material power, the blooming flowers might be immortal. Man has dominion; and when he finds his strength within the Elohim' only, then will Nature put on her beautiful garments, and instead of the thorn and poisonous weeds there will bloom sweet flowers. Opal-tinted fruits are fashioned in the silence. Nature leaves no point untinted, unformed, or incomplete. Intelligence moves them into expression, and they spring forth into manifest life.

In the animal kingdom the same uniformity obtains. Perfect law and order characterize all natural Phenomena, and show conclusively that the invisible powers are the Universal Principle of all things.

"Seek first the kingdom of heaven," always just before undertaking any work. . Seek the Invisible --- the silent and perfect Powers --- the Spiritual and Abstract; for this is the place of perfect Power: the retreat of perfect Harmony.

In any need or emergency it is always sure success first to be silent, and the invisible harmony of the Elohim will become consciously yours. Do not give it a name. As soon as a thing is labeled it is outlined with limitations. The ancients were not satisfied with their gods and kept on making more. We have not been satisfied with the Jewish God and his character, and so have been driven to seek the living and true Principle of all the Universe.

Now we know that Love enfolds us; Life continues with us; Wisdom and Truth and perfect Intelligence are ours forever. The Invisible Powers are forever at hand ready for our use, and they are Universal and Eternal. These Powers are yours. Begin all effort from the center of silence, and leave the perfect manifestation to Nature; for you have already finished the work.

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