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Emma Curtis Hopkins Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Emma Curtis Hopkins'

High Mysticism
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Chapter 7 - Ministry - p.163

The Angel of His Presence accompanies every man. It is his kingly Self. Two are ever in the field; one shall be taken, the other left.

I will send an angel before thee, said the voice of God to Moses. Because Moses knew this, he daringly followed his leader. Once the angel led Moses into Marah where waters were bitter and the people complained that Moses was a deceiver. But the angel pushed him to a tree to cast into the waters, and its absorbent qualities picked up the bitter globules leaving the waters limpid-sweet; then led him on to Elim where there were twelve wells of water and three score and ten palm trees.

This high leadership is every man's heritage. He need not fear dangerous days or vicious circumstances while he is aware that his angel goes before him, pleads his cause and defends him. High vision causes sense of nearness of the Highest. It is the closeness of the Ain Soph the Great Countenance of the Absolute, above thinking and above being, which the Hebrews called Angel of God, the Brahmins called Divine Self, or Stately Soul, the mythologists called }Esculapius, or Apollo, the Christians call Jesus Christ.

Some reality, or closeness of the Universal has always been the human insistence of mankind. To the earliest man The Angel of God was the happiest name for the closely near, ever ready Helper Whom man might throw


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