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Emma Curtis Hopkins's

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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Foreword - Statement of Being - Denials of Science - Affirmations of Science - Foundation of Faith - The Word of Faith - Secret of the Lord - The Spring of Life - Rending the Veil - Righteous Judgment - Fearlessness - The Way of Wisdom - The Crown of Glory - Contents - Index

Chapter 8 - Rending the Veil - p.152

The eighth lesson in Science is: "Be not deceived." These are the words of Jesus. Spirit never deceives. Matter is the only deceiver. Matter makes up all appearances. Matter is formulated, as you know, by thoughts concerning a kind of God who never existed.

The two friends of Job described one kind of God, and Job described another. Their kind of God was full of punishments for exactly the sort of character they described Job to be. Therefore, in the fullness of time, they reaped the fruits of their ideas; for Job insisted that he was not that character, and they must have imagined it in the peculiar wisdom of their hearts.

Thus it is with all of us. We look upon others in the red, or green, or blue tints of our own ideas, and see them entirely different from what they are in reality. Then exactly what we describe as their character, which is not the truth about them, must be our own type of mind in some of its ways. Then when we get the punishments we have felt honestly belonged to them, we are utterly astonished and grieved, and feel much abused. This explains why the righteous are strangely afflicted. They see more faults in mankind than any other class of people. Thus the eighth lesson is, "Be not deceived," either in man or God, for man and God in truth are Good.

In appearance they may seem evil. In the Bhagavad Gita, the sacred book of [Hinduism], we are told that the Spirit of God saith, "Whoever undeluded knows Me as the Supreme Spirit, worships Me in all forms." In other words, "Letting forms remain, opposing nothing, but nowise deceived, recognizes Me in all people and in all things."

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