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Emma Curtis Hopkins has often been called 'the teacher of teachers'

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Emma Curtis Hopkins's

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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Foreword - Statement of Being - Denials of Science - Affirmations of Science - Foundation of Faith - The Word of Faith - Secret of the Lord - The Spring of Life - Rending the Veil - Righteous Judgment - Fearlessness - The Way of Wisdom - The Crown of Glory - Contents - Index

Chapter 5 - The Word of Faith - p.97

There are three ways of dealing with the principles announced in Truth. There is the deep thinking which the mind exercises respecting them. There is the speaking them forth which we do not hesitate to do. There is the careful recording of them, which is writing down what we know of them. The next is living them, which we are sure to do if we think, speak, and write them. It is by faithfully doing all these things with Spiritual doctrine that we accomplish the works of the Spirit in us.

Sometimes a practitioner of healing is astonished to find that he has cured a half-dozen people of very miserable conditions, and yet those cured patients will not speak of their cures nor urge other people to be cured by the same means. It is because the practitioner has not recorded the miracle on paper and caught the principle as it were to abide in his house so firmly that when a patient is cured it is a fact so present in his consciousness that he cannot forget it and has to speak of it.

Cures are the works of Truth. Cures or works are wrought by faith. That which we have faith or confidence in is our mental character quality, and goes through our thoughts, through our writings, through our speech, to others. If we do not write down our thoughts we leave out an important part of our way of shedding abroad our healing quality.

There are certain writers who have not yet come into their stream of consecutive, careful, thinking power, but they can write the truths of the Science, and through their writings they convey a sweet healing. After awhile the writing of their thoughts leads them out into

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