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Emma Curtis Hopkins has often been called 'the teacher of teachers'

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Emma Curtis Hopkins's

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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Foreword - Statement of Being - Denials of Science - Affirmations of Science - Foundation of Faith - The Word of Faith - Secret of the Lord - The Spring of Life - Rending the Veil - Righteous Judgment - Fearlessness - The Way of Wisdom - The Crown of Glory - Contents - Index

called it the fourth lesson, but he would have felt in his mind all the strength of the fourth lesson as we have it.

The first lesson finds out what your mind is seeking and names it. Can you name now just exactly what your mind is seeking? You would soon be set on the right track for finding what you are seeking if you could name what you want. The naming of what the mind of the whole world is seeking is the first statement of Jesus Christ, and is the first lesson of Moses. It is the foundation thought, even in the minds of the insects. It is the GOOD.

Are you not seeking Good? Why do you move your right hand? You move it to get your Good. Why do you breathe? You breathe to get your Good. Why do the stones lie still and wait? They are waiting for their Good. Why does the bird fly? It flies for its Good. Everything moves and waits for its Good. So you see that the Good draws everything. The Good which you and I want governs everything we do. Therefore the Good which you are seeking is your God.

Spinoza was called the God-intoxicated man, because he spoke the word God so much. I am convinced that if he had spoken the word Good, instead of the word God, he would have come into a nearer relation to his God.

Moses says that God (Good) created. The Good which you are seeking created you. Just that Good which you want is the combination of words which brought you forth. The honest statement that "My Good is my God" has the power to set the mind to a key which is nearer to its normal tone than it is now thinking. John said that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God. He also said that out of the Word were all things made and without the Word was nothing made. Paul said that a veil is forever over the face when the Word is read because so many untruthful things have been spoken of God.

If you take the word God for your starting point, you will

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