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Emma Curtis Hopkins has often been called 'the teacher of teachers'

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Emma Curtis Hopkins's

Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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Foreword - Statement of Being - Denials of Science - Affirmations of Science - Foundation of Faith - The Word of Faith - Secret of the Lord - The Spring of Life - Rending the Veil - Righteous Judgment - Fearlessness - The Way of Wisdom - The Crown of Glory - Contents - Index

Foreword - p.7

"Scientific Christian Mental Practice," which once more becomes available with this printing, embodies class instruction given by Emma Curtis Hopkins in the practical application of metaphysical Science as exemplified most particularly by Jesus Christ but with varying degrees of understanding by all true metaphysicians.

To those who are meeting this inspired teacher for the first time let us state that Mrs. Hopkins was a pioneer among modern teachers of Truth. She was called "the teacher of teachers" as so many of her students became teachers. She brings to the expanding comprehension of spiritual teachings, a point of view and breadth of vision that inspire with a unity of Spirit yet freedom in expression. This tribute was paid to her in Unity (1925) : "Her brilliance of mind and spirit was so marked that very few could follow in her metaphysical flights, yet she had marked power in quickening spirituality in her students."

Mrs. Hopkins' gift for teaching showed itself early. Before she was fifteen years old, she entered Woodstock Academy (Connecticut) as a student and because of her genius was given a place on the faculty as a teacher.

Later we find Mrs. Hopkins again presenting herself as a student -- taking the class instruction in Christian Science, following which she served editorially on the staff of the Christian Science Journal (1885) --only to find her life purpose asserting itself and drawing her into the role of independent leadership and of a great teacher. She was not only a teacher of teachers. From very walk of life authors, artists, preachers, homemakers --came to her for instruction and she touched them with the quickening power of her illumined Soul.

Going out as an independent teacher, Mrs. Hopkins taught in many cities (among them New York, Chicago, Kansas City, San Francisco) having large classes wherever she went.

Later she founded a seminary in Chicago. It was a regularly incorporated school and the graduates were ordained ministers and so recognized by the State of Illinois. Students came from all parts of the country to study with her and go out and carry the message of

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