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Emma Curtis Hopkins at his desk creating this collection

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Emma Curtis Hopkins's

High Mysticism & Scientific Christian Mental Practice

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Emma Curtis Hopkins is sometimes called the "teacher of teachers". Although her main strength was in lectures and classes, she produced a body of work that is considered important in the context of New Thought History.

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Emma came across Mary Baker Eddy through a friend and had a healing session. She then took a class with Eddy and to pay for this class she worked on the magazine. Her intensity and intellect were helpful to the success of the magazine during these early years.

When she had finished paying for the class, she got fed up with Mary Baker Eddy and the restriction imposed thereof that you could only read the bible and Eddy's books and took off.

She had access to the Dartmouth College Library. Being a loving person, she respected all persons and therefore never condemned Eddy or other people.

Emma started her own school, and some argue that she was the founder of the New Thought movement.

Mrs. Hopkins' gift for teaching showed itself early. Before she was fifteen years old, she entered Woodstock Academy (Conneticut) as a student and because of her genius was given a place on the faculty as a teacher.

Following her time as editor of the Christian Science Journal -- only to find her purpose asserting itself and drawing her into the role of independent leadership and of a great teacher.

Authors, preachers, homemakers -- came to her for instruction and she touched them with the quickening power of her illumined soul. As independent teacher, Mrs. Hopkins taught in many cities (among them New York, Chicago, Kansas, San Francisco) having large classes wherever she went. Later she founded a seminary in Chicago. It was a regularly incorporated school and the graduates were ordained ministers and so recognized by the State of Illinois. Students came from all parts of the country to study with her and go out and carry the message of healing and comforting to the people.




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