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The Original
Science of Mind
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Clairaudience--The ability to percieve sounds without the ear.

Clairvoyance--The ability to see mentally. Seeing without the eye.

Conflict--Inner Mental struggle, conscious or unconscious.

Complex--The result of mental struggle, conscious or unconscious.

Cosmic Conception.— The Divine Mind giving birth to Its Ideas.

Cosmic Consciousness.—Perception of The Whole.

Cosmic Mind.—The Mind of God.

Cosmic Purpose.—The ideas of Spirit propelling themselves into outer expression. The desire of Spirit executing itself.

Cosmic Stuff.—The stuff from which all forms are made.

Cosmic Urge.—The desire of Spirit to express Itself.

Cosmos.—The Universal World, visible and invisible.

Correspondent.—The mental picture of cause of anything.

Creation.—Passing of Spirit into form.

Creative Medium.—From the Universal Sense, it is the World-Soul; and from the individual sense, it is the subjective state of man's thought.

Creative Mind.—The Universal Soul or Subjectivity. The Feminine Principle of the Universal Life.

Creative Series.—Any particular and concrete manifestation of Spirit.

Curse.—Mentality used to destroy.


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