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The Original
Science of Mind
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This glossary gives the Metaphysical meaning of the words as used in these lessons. It is not claimed that the definition of the words used in this glossary will, in every case, keep faith with the regular dictionary definition. The words are defined in such a say as to bring out the meaning with which they are used in this course of instruction.

It will be necessary for the student to carefully study the meaning of these words, together with the explanation of the words used in the different charts; in this way, the desired objective will be obtained, and there will be no confusion.

Absolute.—"Free from restriction." See Chart No. I.

Accumulated Consciousness.—The sum total of all that one has ever said, thought, done or seen, consciously or un-consciously.

Active Principle of Life.—The Self-Conscious Spirit.

Affirmation.—To state positively and maintain as being true.

All-good.—God or Spirit.

Alpha.—That which is first.

Analysis.—Resolving things into their first elements.

Androgynous.—Having the characteristics of both sexes.

Apparition.—?A specter of phantom. The act of appearing."

Attribute.—The being, essence, nature and substance of.

Aura.—The mental atmosphere surrounding a person.

Axiom.—A self-evident truth.

Axiomatic Reasoning.—The deductions drawn from self-evident truths.

Being.—That which has existence.

Bible.—"The sacred books of any race or people."


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