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The Original
Science of Mind
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My Word erases any and all beliefs in
mistakes and sets me free.
I Am Free!
I am free from any beliefs in the past.



The Spirit has no responsibilities.
Its work is already accomplished and Its purposes are already fulfilled.
The Spirit knows no want nor fear.
It is complete within Itself and lives by virtue
of Its own Being.
I am Spirit and cannot take on the
fears of the world.
My work is accomplished and my ways are made straight before me.
The pathway of Life is an endless road of Eternal Satisfaction and Perfect Joy.
My Life within me is Complete and Perfect, and has no cares nor burdens.
It is Free Spirit and cannot be bound.
I rejoice in that Freedom.
I rejoice in freedom


The time has come, the hour has struck.
The power from within has come forth and is expressing through my word.
I do not have to wait; to-day is the time.
To-day I enter into all Truth; to-day I am completely saved and healed and made happy.
To-day I enter into my inheritance.
To-day the Truth has made me free.


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