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Philosophy of Jesus
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Text Box: MIND ... THE GREATEST DISCOVERY	73 The Greatest Discovery of All Time . . . Mind

Man's first discovery of his ability to think was taken as a matter of fact. He had always been able to think. It was proof that he existed; it gave him the ability to know his needs and to supply them. It appeared to be an automatic thing; it came with him and would doubtless die when he died. The brain seemed to be the organ of thought, and, of course, when death stilled the brain it would no longer operate.

However, a day came when some wise man claimed that it is not the brain that does the thinking, for if the brain could think it would keep on thinking when removed from the body; yet without a brain a man could not think, which proved that something behind the brain used it as an instru­ ment. Man does think, so behind the brain there must be a thinker. But where is the thinker? We do not see him. Have we a right to say there is a thinker, when we have never seen him? Yes, for the proof of this reality is the evidence of his thought. Back of the organism is the thinker and the doer— the Mind. This was the greatest discovery of all time, for it meant that the body without the thinker could not function. At first, man did not perceive this and thought only of his body as self-operating, but when he discovered this was not the case, he found that he could consciously think and decide, and that something happened to his thoughts after he thought them; they went somewhere and returned to him as memory.


Pondering on this, man came to the conclusion that mem­ory was an active thing, and he reasoned after this fashion: "Memory must be the storehouse of all ideas that have passed through my mind. Memory is active, for my thoughts come back to me. My thought is conscious of my body; my body is operated upon by my thought, and it must be operated upon


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