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Philosophy of Jesus
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Chapter Two - ONE MAN WITH GOD

In all the years that I have worked intimately with so many people, I have never yet found one individual who did not secretly long to find something that would make him whole and happy, something that would give him a sense of security and safety. I have never yet found an individual who did not wish the same good for others. I am a great believer in the innate goodness of people, and I know, through much experience, that the average person wants to do about the best he can.

Frequently, when I have said to people, “why don’t you learn to use spiritual Power so that it will be effective in your life and in the lives of those around you?” The answer has been, “But I don’t know how,” or, “I haven’t the faith,” or, “I haven’t the training or the education,” or, “I haven’t the opportunity.”

I guess this is the sort of alibi we all use because it does not occur to us that we have to start right where we are, and, using such faith as we possess, acquire more through actual experience.

Jesus definitely set about to prove what one man with God could do. He demonstrated for all ages that just one person, with implicit faith, can do anything. If there is any one fact that Jesus emphasized beyond all others, it was that what he was doing, others could do also, if they believed they could and if they believed in God.



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