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Ernest Holmes

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Ernest Holmes's

Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing

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Lesson 11 - The will is a directive power

The will is a directive power rather than a creative agency. Man never really creates anything; he merely uses a Creative Force.

This Creative Force is not coerced; It is recognized and used. It is the office of the will to hold thought in place long enough to do this. We combine and distribute the operation of a Power which already is.

We know this is true in all physical sciences and it is no less true in the Science of Mind. We do not create energy, we use it. We provide conditions through which it may flow along the line of our desire.

The will consciously decides what we are going to think, but it is never the real creative agency. If we think of the will as directive rather than creative, and think of the inner feeling of conviction as giving real life to our intention and receptivity, and also think of faith in the invisible as necessary to all our work, we shall probably have a right mental attitude and outlook.

There is no strain either on the mind or the nervous system in this process. There is never any clash of mental powers, but rather a peaceful attitude, and, of course, a consistent determination to think straight. This in no way denies the importance

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