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Ursula N Gestefeld's

Breath of Life

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Though I look upon a physical body, I know that it is not I.

It is only the garment which I, as a living soul, wear, and which clothes my body, the body which would still remain to me did I drop the garment the next hour.

I know that I am a living soul now, this moment; that I am not flesh and blood, bone and muscle. I am more than they.

I am rooted in my real being, which individualizes God.

I cannot cease to be, for no one and no thing can pluck up my roots.

I am fed constantly from the infinite and inexhaustible source.

All flows to me from on high, not from below, and my existence is not at the mercy of accident or chance.

I know that if this fleshly garment were ground to powder, I could not

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