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Serving New Thought is pleased to present
Ursula N Gestefeld's

Breath of Life

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The night of sense-consciousness is past, and I wake to the spiritual day--the eternal Now. In the light of God I see my self anew.

The shadows of the night are gone, and I am free from suffering, disease, and death. I am filled now with health, strength, and joy unspeakable.

There is no room in me for any unlikeness to the Infinite One, for that One vibrates in every part of my being from least to greatest, and fills me with pulsating, invigorating, deathless life.

I rise from the passivity of the night to the activity of the day, in which I work the works of him that. sent me.

I wash away the last remnants of clinging mortality from before my Vision. and I see only the Son of God.

I cleanse my body from the impurity of false thought, and open every ‘pore to the inflowing Divine Energy and Infinite Love, whose offspring I am.

I feel within me their uplifting power.

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