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A. B. Fay's

Divine Science Bible Text Book

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Genesis - History of Israelites - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy - Joshua - Judges - Ruth - Psalms - Proverbs - Song of Solomon - Prophets - New Testament History - Healing Works of Jesus - The 4 Evangelists - Lord's Prayer - Parables - Lord's [Last] Supper - Jesus after his Resurrection - Paul's Letters - Epistles - Revelation - Glossary - Numbers - Contents - Index

but the attitude does. All are equal but personal thought complained against equality. Problem of personality. The reward of faithfulness is consciousness; seek consciousness for all else is here. Never measure anyone by yourself!

Luke 15:

Luke 15: 4

Parable of the lost sheep and parable of the lost coin teach universal salvation. Saved from ignorance is the only salvation. Saint and sinner are alike to God; He sees the Divine in each. Sinner only sins in ignorant belief the sin is to be destroyed, not the sinner.

These parables are made to cover a powerful lesson. There is no time limit to salvation, nothing can ever be lost, the Spirit never leaves us.

Shows God's care over all, nothing too small to be included in Universal Salvation. The fold is the consciousness; one sheep shows value of one spiritual thought. Truth has a compelling power. Where is the fold of God? The consciousness within us and everywhere. The Shepherd when he found the one sheep carried it home. I Am is a miniature universe the only salvation is in knowing; rejoice in the Law.

f. The Lost Coin.. - p. 328


Luke 15: 8

Money is the world's idol. We have lost to a degree the realization of our true state, and are now finding it through the understanding of


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