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A. B. Fay's

Divine Science Bible Text Book

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Genesis - History of Israelites - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - Deuteronomy - Joshua - Judges - Ruth - Psalms - Proverbs - Song of Solomon - Prophets - New Testament History - Healing Works of Jesus - The 4 Evangelists - Lord's Prayer - Parables - Lord's [Last] Supper - Jesus after his Resurrection - Paul's Letters - Epistles - Revelation - Glossary - Numbers - Contents - Index

We get into heaven not because of our works but because heaven is our home; we are there and we must learn to realize the presence of God everywhere.

The second prayed not the prayer of Truth, for he lowered his thought of himself; he did not lift his eyes to heaven, and he cannot find it until he looks and finds. His motive was not selfish, but it was upon a very low plane of understanding.

Jesus does not say that either prayer is the right attitude, but the Publican was justified rather than the Pharisee.

Luke 10: 30-37


This man turned from Jerusalem to Jericho --fell to lower plane, among thieves. The result of this .step downward was, that he was stripped of everything. He was walking by chance, not by principle. The Levite looked and passed by; his was the personal viewpoint. The Samaritan had compassion, that which will help. Oil stands for consecration; wine stands for inspiration. It was in this fashion the Christ in Jesus answered the lawyer's question.

e. Parable of the Vineyard.. - p. 327

The householder stands for living soul, the I Am. Vineyard stands for realm of individual soul, the field the Master planted. Hired laborers stand for thoughts paid for worthy labor.

Tested their willingness --- time does not count



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