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Henry Drummond, major early teacher of Christian New Thought

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Drummond's

The City Without A Church

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I Saw the City - His Servants Shall Serve - I Saw No Temple There - Contents

This is a page of the 2012.07.04 multipage template for the production of the final multipage version of a book for the online New Thought Library.

You are in the process of creating a multipage book using the Single Page Version of that book as your Source and copying the text of the different pages from that file, then pasting it into these individual Target files which constitute the pages of the multipage book.

Here is how you do it!

1. highlight the source material, use Ctrl C, (or Right Click / Copy), to copy the text from the Source file, (usually the Single Page Version of the book).

2. Return to the target page, this page! Confirm that this page number is the proper page for the text you are pasting, then paste that copied text from the source file to this page using the following method:

3. TRIPLE CLICK ON THIS TEXT, this will highlight everything.

4. THEN PASTE the text you have just copied from the Source file (the Single Page Version of the book) onto the now highlighted portion of this page by either using Ctrl V, or Right Click / Paste.

5. SAVE this page, then close it and go to the next page.

When you are done with your session, UPLOAD all the pages that you have completed to the library. This will protect your work by creating a copy in its folder on the library.

When you have finished ALL the pages of the book, then it is time to TEST them. Work through the book at least one time from page to page starting with the first page, then clicking "NEXT PAGE" and thereby going all the way to the last page of the book. Once you get to the last page of the book, test the PREVIOUS PAGE links by clicking all the way back to first page using "PREVIOUS PAGE". This way you will know your work is indeed correct and working.

Then it is time to turn on the multipage version by opening the Contents page of the book (The one that has all the chapter links) then saving it as "home.html".

When you have done that, upload the new home.html page, go to the testing website, open the bio page for the writer, refresh / reload it, then click the link to this book.

Perform the final test of the book by testing the Contents page insuring that those links do indeed go to the pages they are supposed to.

Refer to the 2process page if you have any questions.

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